2008-04-11 @ 19:01:14
At last weekend jupii!!!i'm tomorrow slept to 8 o'clock a.m:) i'm not goes to the work:) tomorrow free day from jobs!!!! i'm intention cook dinner and to clear my house, maybe to bake cake.in the evening i'm goes to the stud farm. in the sanday i'm slept to 10 o'clock a.m:) i'm must cook dinner and goes to the church.afternoon i'm goes to the rading horses:)
2008-04-10 @ 19:32:59
My dictionary:)
10th april 2008

Today is not good day, because i'm not like talk in from my mom!!!My mother is like
quarrel and not talk from my now job. My mother is envy. I'm settle work for my mom and now i' not good daughter. My work is not good, because i'm postman and heavy bags from letter. Today 40th kilograms. This letter i'm to put 2 bags. I'm to 5 street is very heavy work. Except letter they were 4th advertisement. I'm work to he 5th street 4hours job.
2008-03-24 @ 14:51:56
I'm want invitation on birthday my sister. Caroline celebrate 10th birthday. This event to do in the restaurant “Blue Eye”. Ther is highlight is drive on the giraffe:) Guest must to the dress. You must go to the restaurant in the eight o'clock p.m
2008-03-23 @ 13:20:58
begin spring the 20th march. wrinter is beatiful warmth . flowers blow crocus, daffodil.in iceland started to golf and reading to horses.begin drive on the motorbike and old car:)
2008-02-24 @ 14:18:16
hi my name is Dorota. im present to live in centre Reykjavik (Iceland). i'm work is post office as postman. today is beatiful weather. is shine to sun. tomorrow go to post office and to deliver letter:D
i'm yesterday from my boy to the part from opportunity 10years post office.
is good dinner and a lot of fault!!! my dress to work is red jacket and red t-shirt. i'm posses red bag to the letter.
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