no idea for the title
2009-12-15 @ 17:55:07
Have you heard the NEW MOON soundtrack? If not, regret.There are really great songs.I LOVE song called 'Roslyn' by Bon Iver&St.Vincent, it's really cool song.
As I've written earlier (or not) I like indie music. It has that famous 'something'.
'Satellite heart' by Anya Marina is also cool.
But i didn't like that film 'New moon'. First part of Twilight Saga was better. At the end I was bored.Really and it doesn't pass off often.
It was too much, but of course as every(or almost every) girl I'm charmed by Edward Cullen and his love to Bella, but that film was boring.
don't watch too much telly;p;p
Never too much;p
2009-12-15 @ 17:44:52
So, I forgot to write about my school trip, which is tommorow, and we're going to Berlin;D
And let's guess when I must get up?
Ok, I will tell you;p at 3AM!!!!!
We're going to Berlin at 4.30AM!!!
This is not time for any trips, it's still night!I don't get that, yes I know that we'll go sightseeing to many places like for example technical museum, but please.Mercy! 3AM?
So it's not even worth to go to sleep.
So wish me veeeeeeery long nightxD
2009-12-15 @ 17:30:19
What's up?;p I hope that not so bad. This was, or rather is still a very long and exhausting week. The semester is ending, and teachers have to make out marks. I have to write a test in Polish (on Friday morning) and it really really freaks me out!
And I think, that for today it's all;p
2009-11-08 @ 20:27:04
Open up your eye
You keep on crying, baby
I’ll bleed you dry
The skies are blinking at me
I see a storm bubbling up from the sea
This is from song called 'Closer' by Kings of Leon-one of my most favourite bands. I love the way that the vocalist-Caleb Followill sings. He's voice is just amazing.
I watched the MTV EMA gala and I really regret, that KOL haven't won any of this 'competitions'.
But I voted on them, they're really great and their music is fantastic, they're doing amazing job.
I wish I could dip my head into streams of your consciousness
2009-10-23 @ 21:41:42
The title of this note is also a title of a song called 'who's there?Who's inside?' by one of my favourite bands-Hey. This song is really fresh, is different than their previous songs. Is more modern i think.But the lyrics I could sing all the time, and I write fragments of this song on everything and everywhere.It's just insane;p
And I would like to tell You all that I will (on Monday) go to my first russian lesson. I know, I'm really, really crazy that I wanted to learn this language, but what can I say, I just wanted to learn a language that is not so known, not so popular as for example german or english;p when I saw a workbook I was really terrified, because everything's in russian... and I don't understand anything, yeah so it's a tragedy of a month.
Sorry You all, I know that I'm writing not so important things but I really had no idea for that note;p
Oh and today's the premiere of the new Agnieszka Chylińska's CD, I heard her new song, and it's sooooooooooo different than her previous songs.So tomorrow I will buy her new CD, and I hope, that it's worth that;p
Sorry for that, hmmm not really interested note
First note
2009-09-23 @ 18:37:58
Hi everybody! I'm Kasia, but most of my friend call me Milka.I'm really nice and talented (ha, what a modesty, i konw;) but I like drawing, and i love music.Music is my biggest love, i like also reading books and cooking;p
Generally i'm really messy, overall disorganized.
What else i'm interested in? Languages, maybe it's strange, but i like learing and exploring new languages.
So, I think, that will be all about me.I will try to write here about things that interest me regularly.

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