2013-09-18 @ 17:58:17
Soooooo, I am doing homework now. Tommorow it's going to be test in geography:C but, we've got the best treining handball and this is it:*
I want weekend!!! I feel terrible, I've got headache.. :c http://ask.fm/Dooomi13 questions!
2013-09-17 @ 19:31:52
Beautiful day in school with friends with lot of fun. New phone:* and now I'm going to learn stupid history and maths. Nothing good.. ._.
I want training and handball!!
2013-09-16 @ 16:40:44
So Hi,
I loveee this day. In the morning it was school. On Mondays we've gor only 5 lessons!! I am very happy about is. Today we've got lessons with our lovely practicant. History with her is fantastic. Next on break with some my friends in the bathroom we made a lot of films and photos. It was so funny and Marika lay on the floor and all the time laugh. Hahahahah I love my friends. After school I was on music lesson. Now, I am so tired to learn. But polish, chemistry and german wait for me:c
Please, I want weekend!! <33 !!
2013-09-15 @ 19:57:55
So Hello everyone!
My name's Dominika. I'm 14 years old. I am Polish girl from Gdańsk.
I love sport, music and fashion. My favourite sport is football and handball. I love play it. My favourite team is FCB<3 I like diffrent music from rock to classical. It depends on my humor and day sometimes. I love my friends. I like watch with them films (scary films are the best) and spend time in town.
Okeyyy. so this is the end of the first blog post.
Bye :*
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