Visit at the grandmother.
2013-11-30 @ 22:20:55
Today I got up at 6:30, since my younger brother woke me up! I was very bad! Later I was at the grandmother. We moulded altogether the dumplings :) were delicious:) My small doggy is biting me now, because wants to play with me, so goodbye!
Friday :D
2013-11-29 @ 20:58:11
today I had a good day. I got today 6. I am watching '' Letters to the M '' now. Commercials just ended. So I must finish, goodbye!
Disco :)
2013-11-28 @ 19:57:26
yesterday I wrote nothing, because I was too tired, because how you know yesterday there was a disco. :) It was super! I must to finish now.
The song..
2013-11-26 @ 18:54:11
I am just studying '' to sing '' songs on artistic [ ], massacre. Tomorrow a disco is at school! :) and it is worst that I probably caught a cold and I don't know whether I will go :( bye.
First snow :D
2013-11-25 @ 19:22:59
Although today Monday is, I am happy, because today fall the first snow:) I was today with mum on the shopping. Recently I came back. now I must do homework. Bye!
2013-11-24 @ 19:29:03
I doing entire homework.:) now I am resting before the television.
In a minute I am going to take a bath. I must today early fall asleep, because tomorrow Monday is :/ so, bye!
Satudray :D
2013-11-23 @ 16:40:44
Today is Saturday, at last! I adore Saturdays, because are free from the school and I can lounge about;) today I got up at 10:00 - I got enough sleep:) I must end because I must do my homework. Bye bye!
My day.
2013-11-22 @ 18:15:51
Hello! Today I had a good day, because I got three positive assessments.:) At school we did christmas cards. I am pleased because Friday is finally! I am watching the cabaret now. He is very funny.:) bye! :D
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