The End..
2013-12-15 @ 18:24:08
it is my final registration fee on this blog. Perhaps at one time I will still return to writing.:) Bye!
2013-12-13 @ 18:15:39
the day passed for me very quickly. There is finally a weekend! Juuhuuu! I'm happy!:) Bye!
2013-12-11 @ 19:59:26
Today on English we watched the film '' Christmas Carol''. I just finished to write the review. :) I must study because tomorrow I have a test in English, bye!
2013-12-10 @ 18:52:33
today I had a boring day.. nothing happened... : /
Monday... :/
2013-12-09 @ 20:46:49
today I had a boring day.. Nothing happened..I am going to read to the brother on goodnight now.. Bye!
2013-12-08 @ 19:09:13
Hi, today was sunny but coldly. I already made up for all lessons. Tomorrow Monday. I am sleepy, goodbye!
2013-12-07 @ 21:47:08
Today is Saturday! :D I'm watching 'KSW25' now. About a window is mad 'Xavier'. ;) There is much snow!:) Bye!
Santa Claus :D
2013-12-06 @ 21:06:41
Hello, I had a wonderful day! I got the plenty of sweets, because today at my school was a Santa Claus:) Everyone had something red or the hat Santa's. Now I am watching '' Iniemamocni ''. Bye!
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