My games
2014-01-02 @ 21:16:58
I naw plaing computer games :
"Titanic","Rayman" and "Chickens". :D :D
2014-01-02 @ 21:11:36
I naw watching film " Wilk z wall street ".
My teaching
2014-01-02 @ 21:07:56
I'm teaching naw history and sitting on the facebook :D
My hobby
2014-01-01 @ 20:58:27
Hi! My name is Dominika.I'm 14 years old.I am from
Poland. I have brother.I like swimming,travelling and dancing.I love singing and watching films.My favourite color is red.I have nice and happy friends.I like eating chickens,chips and salat "Gyros". I have dog and chamster.I plaing the guitar and piano. I like nice and crazy peoples. :D
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