25 facts about me
2013-12-10 @ 17:20:37
Julia Olivia Kurlanc
 Born May 6, 2002 year by hours . 7.45
 in NDM

1 I have no siblings
2 When I was little I ate snow : P
3 I have two friends Joanne and Natalie
4 I Directionerką
5 Jesten shopaholic
6 Sometimes I sleep with a teddy bear
7 Every night the dream city that I live in London and my boyfriend is Niall from One Direction :)
8 I love sweets :)
9 Once I received from a friend whom I do not like earrings, and threw them
10 My dream is to see live 1D and hug Niall'a
11 I love the book of the Harry Potter series , and of videos too :)
12 My favorite dish for dinner are Pancakes with Nutella : o
13 I have a dog Balbinka
14 Dislike my phone (HTC Explorer )
15 The first person that I began to watch for Niall Horan was Twetterze
16 I plan to in 2014 in the summer to move to London with her parents and wysąpić in X - SPF
17 I like to dress in neutral ie : White shirt with the words '' Free Hugs " and red jeans + white sneakers ankle ...
18 In life, I received only two komplemęty : "you're pretty" and "You look like an American"
19 I love cereal Couscous
20 I'm addicted to tea
21 I like every kind of chocolate apart from the bitter
22 I hate feta cheese
23 I like comedies , but Rondo wanted me to boyfriend took me to a horror film because, as I'll be afraid to hug it to me
24 I do not like to have painted nails on żarowiaste colors
25 I'd do anything to be able to talk with the guys from 1D ...
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