2010-10-11 @ 16:02:27

Anybody know instant and painless suicide method?...
"Explosive" virus?!
2010-10-03 @ 15:25:46
Hi, I don't have much to write sadly, but I'll tell you about thing that happened 2 days ago...
I was searching for a program that I REALLY needed. I finally found it and started downloading, I was so happy (I couldn't find it anywhere for some reason). I launched the installer and then, my computer experienced true horror. First, some kind of unknown anti-virus program showed up (I didn't install it!) and it said that I have a very dangerous virus that may damage my computer. I was like "Oh my God, why me T.T". I pressed "Delete virus" button but... Nothing happened. Then that option changed to "Online scan", in panic I pressed it. A new window opened with scan progress. The file was scanned by alot of anti-virus programs. When finally it ended, I tried to delete the virus again. Nothing happened. I reseted computer and quickly searched up for AVG anti-virus and started downloading. Time remaining: 15 minutes. Whew... But then! Everything turned grey and a message showed up: "YOUR COMPUTER IS IN DANGER! DANGEROUS VIRUS DETECTED!". I was kinda pissed off, I closed the message, everything turned back normal but then... Another message popped up from tray (The place where's current time and date :P) "In 10 seconds your computer will be attacked by a virus. It's recommended to block the attack immediately". the counter was counting down and then... OMG Alot of windows started to pop up, error messages, everything messed up, I turned the computer off and turned the internet off (someone could hack my mother bank account and withdraw all the money :S)

The computer scientist that was repairing my computer said that the hard disk kinda...exploded? Nevermind, it was useless. Instead of 30 PLN I paid 110 PLN for repairing computer...

Now I will be more cautionous when I will be downloading programs etc.

What was yours most dangerous virus ever?
I'll give you a dog...
2010-09-16 @ 20:28:38
A quite weird situation occured yesterday.
I was coming home from school. My friend got to buy something in intermarche (It's near our school ^^) so I said that I will wait outside because I want to enjoy the sun. A little break from all this rain (And seriously, it rains almost all day). So he went into the supermarket and I was standing outside waiting. Then a quite old man walked to me and said "Here take this dog" he said. I was looking at him like I was staring at lunatic and said "W-wait I cannot take this dog like this!". Dog was really small. Probably a miniature. "Oh please take it" - he repeated. I asked why he just won't write an advertisment and post it somewhere. He answered me that his wife would kill him if he did something like that. So I asked why he wants to give away this pretty puppy. He responsed that... He don't want to walk him (The sentence walk the dog means iść na spacer z psem but I don't know if I've written correctly :S).

I just can't belive it. If someone takes the dog to his home, he must be aware that he got to:
- Walk him
- Feed him
- Play with him
- Care about his health

This is four basic things that he has to assure a dog. Similiar is with other animals. You take it: you must care about it. I hate when people get a dog or a cat or whatever and then they torture them because they live in disgusting enviroment. It's so cruel and... evil that I cannot describe it. And I always say that the animals are first, then a human isn't pleased enough with his sick "games" or whatever he calls it. And my theory has been validated many, many times.

I love animals so much and I want to become a vet and help them. I can't stand watching them suffer.

Tell me what you think about it.

Take it easy!
2010-09-13 @ 07:34:42
I sincerely apolgize that I didn't write recently, but I kinda forgot to do so...

I don't have much to write about =3= So'll write about game that I'm playing right now - Silkroad (A.k.a botroad)

Silkroad is a korean MMORPG game where you level up your character, raise it skills and buy new equipment to get stronger. Sounds boring but there's one thing that distinguish from others - job system. You can be trader that buys products from one town and delivers it to other and sells with profit. Hunters protect traders and kill thiefs. And thiefs are robbing caravans and killing hunters... Triangular conflict right?
You can get a job from lvl 20 but I don't recommend taking hunter or thief job if you're low level. I suggest to get high level (But it depends on server, if it's "young" then you can take these jobs on low levels because you will be on almost same level as most thiefs or hunters).
There are many classes in silkroad, divided in 2 races:
- Chinese
- European
Chinese prefer to grind (hunt, fight) alone, while european rely more on party play (Especially for full support class mix like me, but when I have to I can kick some ***)

I didn't really want to describe the whole game but to write to topic. Situation that happened to me.

I was fighting in party, everything was alright when turk (there are ALOT of turks, 99.99% of them are idiots and retards) shouts at me "BUFFFFFF PLZZZ" (Buffs are spells that increase damage, defence etc.) I said "You don't know how annoying is this begging for buffs, no buff for u" And I gave my buffs someone else (There's limit = only 4 buffs for 4 persons). I started healing others and helping them while I see that this turk tried to PK me (player killing, you get penalty after sucessful murderer). I was just standing and wondering "Should I attack or not?". He was much lower level than me so I killed him in one attack. Phew, I don't know why he was so angry, because I didn't buff him?
So everyone, if you're playing mmorpg games, please take it easy!

comment! ^^
God of piano?!
2010-08-25 @ 23:45:11
I just have to write about it.
I recently watched videos on youtube and I met some touhou themes arranges on piano... I was interested in it so I watched it.

I was literally stoned when I saw THAT!
But well, watch this:

This is just...WOW...
Listen to it, it's amazing
Everything good comes to an end...
2010-08-24 @ 22:54:50
It's 24 August... Yes, vacations are coming to an end... I already bought books, new backpack and accessories. It wasn't cheap, sadly...

I hate going to school, not because of alot of work, learning and all... But because of my peers... They are bullying me! I cannot fight them cause I'm alone... well, I've got few friends but how can you fight against whole school?!

I sincerely apolgize for writing things like these on this blogs, but I need to write it somewhere... It will comfort my soul a little T.T

2010-08-22 @ 21:31:00
How are you?
Vacations are going to end soon, have you bought necessary books? I bought them already... 410 polish zlotych... Jesus Christ...

But that's not topic of this post...
The topic is...

Yes, I started skating few days ago, I mastered the basics and two...no three tricks: Manual, nose manual and 90 (90 degrees turn). My friend is teaching me and I'm getting better and better... Unfortunately I fell from the board... Ouch... My hand hurt like hell, I still feel that fall T_T However I will still be skateboarding, and to be honest, I'm not very sporty... Well I never was practicing any sports and I'm weak physically so it's kinda hard for me.

comment :D
2010-08-06 @ 21:56:38
I want to ask you, do you play this game? Do you add words often or rarely? or never? sometimes I add new words ASAP after new word appear. And sometimes I add them from time to time just to get few points...

I find this game very educational and genius. You learn and play a game! I like that kind of thing. What's your opinion about this game?
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