2011-06-16 @ 21:41:02
Hi guys.
Today I was on the reggae concert 'd it was great <3 Everybody had a good fun and I felt awesome energy <3
Generally this day wasn't frame good. I had an arrgue with my best friend and I felt sick. But then my friend Alex told me about concert and my all friends came on this <3 We spent a good time togheter , really.
But now I'm tired. So so tired ; C
Holds on <3
Cya :*
Hero of War, That's What I'll Be.
2011-06-14 @ 10:46:21
Hi, sup ? ; *
I think I can't say about me, cause everything u 've on the right of blog ; D
So, maybe I tell u why I write this blog. My life was dramatically changed after the move and I want write here what I feel. I hope u will read this ; *

OMG , I get paranoid. Haha,
that's probably a disease, but I'm crazy about healthy foods. No fast food, what is hard here, where everybody eat fast food so much . Hahah, my mum buy for me some vegettables and fruits, I love her ; D
Okay, I have to go. I go with Marcy and Eve on the shopping ; > Cya ; *
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