asking for correction of my grammar errors
2007-03-06 @ 21:36:38
Hello everybody
My name is Daniel. I entered my name on the e-ang website because I want to improve my written english. Presently I am employed as a security officer at the Center of London.
Sometimes Iam fed up with this kind of job - doing twelve hours shift including Saturdays , Sundays no social life.
Without good command of both oral and writen english I have no chance to find better - paid job with excellent prospects for the future.
I will in touch with anybody who will respond me as quickly as possible.
By the way please improve my grammar errors


Your language is suprisingly good. I don't know why you think you're bad at it.
It's very interesting what you write. Tell how is it to live and work in London.
Hi Kar
Thank you for a quick response.
As for living and working in London - costs of living are one of the highest in Europe but in fact also the wages are high.
For instance if you make 1500 pounds net a month after covering all costs you are able to put aside approximately 1000 pounds a month - of course it depends on your living standards.

Except making money you can meet many interesting people from all over the World.
Mostly every morning Londyn is overcrowded especially the Queen Victoria street where I work.
If you want to find out more about London
just write me back.
Please write more about yourself.

Hi Daniel Nice to meet someone who lives in UK too. Unfortunately, I live far away from London (about 250 miles)in South Wales. How long have you been abroad? I also work here, but I cannot complain concerning my social life. I work from Monday till Friday so I am off on weekends and have lots of time for myself and my friends. Sometimes I even don't know what to do with my free time. I've been to London once. It's really beautiful city, worth to be visited but I wouldn't like to live there. It's too crowded and noisy. I prefer to stay in a much more tranquil places. This kind of place is Swansea where I'm staying now.
So greetings from Swansea- one of the most beautiful towns in UK. I look forward to your response...Bye
Hi Madi
It is nice hearing from somebody who lives in UK as well.
At the moment I am siting at the computer screen at work and writing this email.
I have been in London for one year and three months.
Since I came here I had started working as a security officer.This type of job is based on the working roster for example the pattern roster is 7 days on 4 days off and again 7 days on and 3 days off.
Honestly I am going to change this kind of job into more interesting with less working hours and better rate of pay like you from Monday to Friday.London is an excellent place for a visit but not to live in here for good.I keep thinking about moving out of London but where ? Can you give any advice where to move?
By the way are you a man or a woman?
Write me about yourself more.
Have a nice weekend

Hi I'm 23 years old girl I've been living in Swansea since I came here so over 2 years and sometimes Im also thinking about moving somewhere else. I don't know which place I can recommend you but Wales is pretty nice place to live Maybe you should take into consideration one of the Welsh cities Hehe If you want to know more about me just visit my blog and ask me some questions I'll try to text you back as soon as I can Greetings Bye...
hi Madi
It is so nice hearing from you again.
Just now I came back home I am writing this email.
A few questions ok

Which part of Poland do you come from?
What kind of job do you do?
How long are going to stay in UK?

AS to myself I am a little elder than you
and come from North Eastern part of Poland exactly from Elk.
The main reason I am on the e-ang website is to improve my written english.Spoken english I use everyday.
I can see from the blog above you are grammatically correct.

Have a good sleep and nice dreams

Hi Im from Podkarpacie I work in a furniture factory I have no idea how long Im going to stay in UK Maybe forever Only God knows I also wish you nice dreams Bye....
Today the next boring day at work.
Ok stop complaining.
The day after tomorrow I am going for seven days holiday to Poland . So I will be out of London until the 19th Of March.
What is your position in the furniture factory? I wonder How many Poles are employed in ths company?

If you never mind can you give me any details of living and making money in Swansea including the average rate of pay and also
costs of Living. I need to compare these figures with London ones.

see you soon
You are lucky. I'm going to Poland in 3 months time already- at the end of May. I work as a packer and I earn the lowest rate. Our factory is rather small one. Only about 50 workers are employed there and just 4 Polish girls. Despite the fact I don't earn too much I work with really nice people and probably this makes me satissfied with my job. The average rate of pay is about 6 pounds per hour. But if you speak English very well and you have your own transport you can earn much more. It depends what kind of job are you looking for. You can visit the website and there you can find many offers of job in Swansea and other locations. This is the way how I found my present job. The average rent for room is about 50 pounds per week and usually all bills are included. Have a nice holiday in Poland Bye
I am full set for my hoilday.
The next working day passed very quickly.
Tommorow I must wake up at 3 o clock to take a bus towards the Luton Aiport.
Hopefully I will reach my home at 5 pm.
So the total hours are over 12 but it is worth to see my loved ones.
I am coming back the 20th of March.
I will stay in touch with you

See you on the next Tuesday.


If you would like to write e-mails with I, as I want to make contact with other countries.

I hope that you will write for I.

This is my e-mail


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