2008-05-26 @ 17:01:15
And today is MOTHER'S DAY, so I want to wish all the best to all mothers ;) Kisses ;** And all, all, all the best!!! I salute again. Bye xD
Branicki Castle and my thinks...
2008-05-26 @ 16:58:16
Hello ;)) Two days ago, I write a project about Branicki Castle. Maybe you want to read it. Maybe.. But I gonna write something other: my new song. Please, you will write in comments proposisions: About what, will be my song? Write me.
And how are you? Holiday going to us! Cool xD And now I write about Branicki Castle..

Branicki Castle is the one of all interesting Bialystok’s relics. It is called “Podlaski Versailles”. There is the precious monument of late baroque architecture. It was lordly building in times the old polish republic.

Hiob Bretfus was build it in 17th century. This castle is made of stone. It has two storeys. Moat and ground fortification made impossible entry to it. Lithuanian banner was inside of this castle in the Swedish deluge time.

Stefan Czarniecki get Branicki Castle replacements for deserts in war with Swedes. After that, he give it to his daughter Katarzyna Aleksandra – Jan Klemens Branicki’s wife. From this time, this building was the place of Branicki Gryfit family.

Stefan Mikołaj Branicki (Jan Klemens Branicki’s father) tell in order to transform this castle in baroque place. This rebuilding was change castle’s face. One of tower took advantage as staircase. In second of tower made the chambers. Put joński columns and many of sculpture, too. English park set up next to the French park.

There is also the legend about underground passage between the Branicki Castle and the tower of Farny Church.

This castle was the best of Poland’s court. This place was invited many famous people in this times, for example Elżbieta Drużbacka, Franciszek Karpiński, Antoni Herliczka and Sylwester August Mirys. August II, August III and Stanisław August often stayed here.

In Branicki Castle, in 1754 set up the first military college in Poland. After that, in 1773, Commission of National Education made here Academic School.

After Branicki’s death, inheritors have sold this castle for Germany King.
Palace has been vandalized in time of Russian annexation.
After the First World War the castle was place of Governor's office.
During polish-bolsheviks war, palace was headquarters of Temporary Revolutionary Committee Poland.
In time the Second World War, the castle become pull down. Rebuild it in 1946-1960.
Now, in Branicki Castle is Medical University in Bialystok.

I salute. Bye ;**
H Two O feat. Platnum "What's it gonna be?"
2008-04-18 @ 16:10:35
Hello again today ;)) I will write text to my favourite song now. This's "What's it gonna be" by H Two O feat. Platnum. You will read!

Girl: you know it's you, you you (oooowwahh)
every time i see your face i don't know what to do
so tell me what we gonna do (oowwwwahh)
every time i see your face i just gotta talk to you

its something every time i know baby its so true

Girl: i can't explain it
i just wanna talk to you and tell you how i feel
every time i see your face baby this love is real
i cannot let it go you know i'm all for you
so what we gonna do? what we gonna do?

Boy: what's it gonna be

Girl: every time i see your face i know its you
baby theres something i gotta say
i'm just in love with you
and i know that your the one for me
so what's it gonna?, what's it gonna be?

Girl: H 'two' O and i need to know how you feel about me
so give me a call whenever you feel lonely
and i'll come by tonight
and let you get to know me

Girl: i just wanna talk to you and tell you how i feel
every time i see your face baby this love is real
i cannot let it go you know i'm all for you
so what we gonna do? what we gonna do?

Boy: i just wanna talk to you and tell you how i feel (comee on)
every time I see your face i know this love is real (ooohh baby its true)
i need you girl you are the only one for me
so whats it gonna be? so whats it gonna be?

Boy: every time i sit alone i think of you
your eyes your thighs your lips got me
thinking things i wanna do and i know that
your that girl for me
so whats it gonna?, whats it gonna be?

Girl: every time i see you i notice your smile
Boy: i see your face i know that its real
Girl: i cannot let it go you know i'm all for you
Both: so what we gonna? what we gonna do?

Girl: when i met you boy everything was cool it was like a dream i was so in love
you was so in love it was meant to be
running side by side until the morning light boy you and me
so take my hand this is my plan its destiny!

Girl: boy i love to get to know you better something about you,
i can't explain its just the way you are
i love the things you do
so what we? what we gonna do?

Girl: i just wanna talk to you and tell you how i feel
every time i see your face baby this love is real
i cannot let it go you know im all for you
so what we gonna do? what we gonna do????? (repeat)

Bye again ;** I salute so much!
Agrentine Tango
2008-04-18 @ 16:07:19
Hello People! One week ago, in my english lessons my class made projects about dance from another countries. I made project about Argentine Tango. If you want, you will read my project:

Argentine Tango is from Argentina.
It has born on suburbs Buenos Aires.
It relies on improvisation and constant evolution.

This is an intimate, sensual and full harmony dance.

In this tango we will find passion, jealous, love, bit of brutality and each emotion, which we have in our hearts now.

Argentine Tango is a full of attraction and estimate talk, but also this is a wrangle, which we can dancing.

In this dance, the couple building between them a good contact and personal area.

Dancers have hugged cheeks and blink eyes.

In this dance, we see distinctly energetic movements neck and head.

Except fundamental steps, there is also option in speed and manner of execution.

Dancers usually wears tight clothes.

The most famous kind of music to Argentine
Tango is Milonga. It is characterized the fast
rhythm and cheerful mood.

A bit less known music is Tango Vals, which it have layer melody in rhythm of waltz.

Thanks you so much. I salute you!
Bye ;**
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