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2013-06-08 @ 16:20:47
Hi everyone, my name is Agata and decided to write this blog to improve my english skills. I would like to take up studies on field "Foreign languages in business" but the University's require fluent knowledge of the English language. I'm afraid that I'm not as good as I sholud be to get into University - but I'm doing my best. So... what more can I say ? I hope it will help me. Maybe it's the first step to realize my dreams?

I think this is good idea. Now I have more free time and maybe I will write blog too.
Good luck :)
You must extend English. My english is not good, so I want too improve my skills ;) We should more write and speak in English. It's not easy ;)
for whom who crave for something, there haven't impossible things. I believe about it.
qq ;_;
Go fuck yourself pole slave. First sentence u will hear at that university. GL and HF :)

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