2008-01-31 @ 00:44:29
not happy, not @ all. well tired!!!but who cares... noone. I'm on my own here, in my little cage, inmy life
my boss -a maggot. what's he like?
2008-01-26 @ 13:13:09
I'm keen as mustard 2 tell u what i've done but i have 2 keep it zipped just because ive promised... anyway i can tell u that my boss is a kerb crawler, i saw him the other day when i was coming back fram late party, trying 2 avoid pavement pizzas on my street... so i saw him schmoozing with one of the girls (who, i have 2 admit, was a bit whiffy...

uups, see u later, he's back, just came in 2 my office, heheh
:D what a day
2008-01-22 @ 20:00:04
Im a smackhead and Im proud of it. Sozzled, stoned and happy:D again!!!
What a day it was!!!! got up at half tvelwe, took a shower and started to party !!! i can't say anything more, cause... well its obvious,isn't it?. anyway best tuesday ever :D
come back?!
2008-01-21 @ 09:33:00
i think it's time 2 go back to poland... but 2 be honest, i have 2 proof it 2 myself. it's so easy here and it's so nice, i mean, i've got great job, nice friends, my own flat and i'm a bit concern... i have 2 start it all over again in PL. anyway last night we were thinking (me+my other half) when is the best time 4 us 2 go back. and guess what? - april or may next year. well, we'll see :D but it would be nice to see my friends and family more often !!!
thick sunday :!
2008-01-20 @ 08:22:55
it's 7 o'clock, and I had to wake up at 6. I'm sooooooooo tired... had late night last nihgt. done pole dancing (man i surprised myself how good i was)lol! and loads of karoake was ace well tired though i am having a real thick day!silly bitch i no!
well im gonna try and do some work now coz im talking shit
cya soon
love the most beautiful girl in the world! he he
2008-01-19 @ 10:37:38
so here i am... at work again. well im not suprised at all, i work 7 days a week, so what schould i expect? a reward or something?? well, i love my work, so i schouldn't complaine but... 7 days a week... and im here 24/7 ... that's a bit 2 much. its just because i live and work in the same place:D yeah, i know it sounds strange but who said that life is easy 2 understand ??
2008-01-18 @ 17:44:11
‘The abyss’ is a play, absurd drama and it flouts all the standards by which drama has been judged for many years. The purpose of this piece is to entertain and it is a provocation as well because the play contains hardly any recognizable characters as Rohypnol, Voice or Euthanasia and presents completely unmotivated actions. The audience of this drama should be adult because I did not intend to tell a story, I did not want the audience to be satisfied that they know the solution to the problem posed in the play. I have tried to force the audience to find out what it was that I did intend.

The dialogue in this piece is minimized, the drama starts at an arbitrary point and seems to end just as arbitrarily. However the play is tied by a clamp, it begins and ends with a similar action - the girl who sits on a chair seems to write or read a letter to her mother. The girl is using pronouns: ‘I miss you…’, ‘I know…’, ‘ I don’t cry anymore.’ So the lexis of her statements seems to be very simple. There are some difficult words in this drama as ‘insomnia’ or ‘incapacitate’ some of them are written in Latin: ‘cannabis sativa.L’ and there is an acronym THC. That is why the audience should be adult and educated. Grammatically the play has got simple structure, major sentences and repetitions are giving impression of mumbling trance, hypnosis. That requires concentration and increases curiosity. I used two superlative forms: ‘My pigeon is feeling better now but it’s wings are still broken’, the higher degree in this case is neutralized by conjunction ‘but’ and the second part of the multiple sentence. The sentence ’ The flowering tops are prized because of their higher THC content’ contains the other superlative form which describes THC, so both of the superlative forms seem to demote the meanings of describing objects. There is quite a lot o transitive verbs in sentences : ‘I can’t fly’, ‘I’m not afraid of pain’. So even if the drama’s dialogue is minimized and the action might seems slowly transitive verbs are giving an impression of action.

Some of the characters are unusual and unrecognizable, the Voice can be either God or Devil. So the meaning of the play depends on the choice made by the audience. I did not named the Voice properly because even when I wanted to express my own personal vision of the world I left a bit of laxity a bit of freedom for audience. That will let them think that they participate in that play. However the audience can find some clues in the text which show how to read the drama. Narrative or discursive thought leads to a final message and moves along a definite line of development. Poetry is above all concerned to convey its central idea and atmosphere, it is essentially static. There is lots of silences and repetitions in this text. That is characteristic for Beckett’s plays which I used as my style model.

The text in brackets is advising how to act that play and sometimes is showing the non-verbal features as giggle or sob. There is no rules in writing absurd plays, so I have let myself use the word ‘childslaughter’ which I think is appearing as a neologism in this drama. The Voice’s words are written using capitals letters what means that even when he is saying something gently (that is what instruction in brackets says) it’s still important, because the Voice is a valid character. Even when someone else is talking about the Voice is using capital letters: ‘This is not our fault how YOU are using us!!!’ There are some exclamations marks which occur at the end of a sentence called out with a strong feeling of some kind: ‘Your mother…yes…I know her!’

‘The abyss’ express loss of any clear and defined systems of beliefs. All assurances of hope, all explanations of final meaning have suddenly been unmasked as nonsensical illusions. With the loss of the means of communication, the audience should be compelled to view that world with the eyes of total outsiders, lost between bad and good. There is a vision of aimless world where god and bad means exactly the same and where good is just good for nothing.

The abyss

[There is a chair in the middle,
a black curtain behind the chair and another one in front of the chair]

[Enter teenage girl left].
[She wears a black trousers and a black t-shirt].
[She sits on a chair.]

[She whispers]
Dear Mummy,
I miss you so much but I know you’re there… waiting for me.
I don’t cry anymore.
[She sobs]
He said that it is my fault that you’re there.
I’m sorry. I will be a good girl now.

[Exit girl right]
[Enter girl left]

Dear Mummy,
My new friend, Mike, said that you’re all right,
that you’re dancing and drinking ambrosia every day.
I don’t know what is it but it sounds nice.
I want to believe that you are happy there.
I want you to believe that I am happy here…

[Exit girl right]
[Enter girl left]

Dear Mummy,
He hit me again so I found a new home.
My bench is quite comfortable…
That pigeon which is here with me all the time is trying to sing for me. He’s bleeding as well.
He can’t fly… I can’t fly…
I will be a good girl.

[Exit girl right]
[Enter girl left]
[She wears a white, too short dress]

Dear Mummy,
Mike said that he will help me!
He said that I will see you dancing soon. And we will be together forever!
I’m not afraid of pain. I can do this.
I’ve got my first communion’s dress.
My pigeon is feeling better now but it’s wings are still broken.
Last night it was even singing for me.
I always thought that pigeons can’t sing…
[She whispers]
I can’t wait to see u Mummy…

[Exit girl right]
[The chair goes up]
[The curtain goes up]

[They all will stand next to each other, front to the audience.
There is a wall behind them.]

[Enter two men]


[He wears a black trousers and a black t-shirt]
I’m a potent depressant marketed in some countries for the treatment of insomnia and as a presurgical relaxant.

[He wears a black trousers and a black t-shirt]
I’m the most widely used and readily available [ He giggles].
I’m made from the Cannabis sativa L. plant [He giggles], whose flowering tops and leaves are collected, trimmed, dried and then smoked in a pipe or as a cigarette. [He giggles] The flowering tops are prized because of their higher THC content. THC is the plant’s principal psychoactive chemical. [He giggles]

My nickname is “Date Rape Drug”,
I’m used to incapacitate women in order to commit a rape.

Marijuana & Rohypnol:
[They shout]
That is not our fault how YOU are using us!!!
[Marijuana giggles]


[Enter another two men]

[He wears a black trousers and a black t-shirt]
In the light of law I’m privileged assassination of terminally ill people under the pressure of mercy.

[She wears a black trousers and a black t-shirt]
I’m manslaughter,
I’m childslaughter .
Well, I think you know what I mean by that…

Euthanasia :
I like your attitude.
What are you doing this evening, girl?

Abortion & Euthanasia:
[They shout]
That is not our fault how YOU are using us!!!

[They all look right, then look at each other]


[Enter girl]
[She is still wearing a white, too short dress]

I’m looking for my Mummy.
She is dancing and drinking ambrosia somewhere here.

Euthanasia :
Your mother… yes…I know her!
She is a nurse, right?

Your mother… yes…I know her!
She is helping doctors with the operations, right?

Your mother… yes…I know her!
She is not just a nurse, she was a patient as well.

Your mother [He giggles]… yes…I know her!
She is a very amusement nurse, right?
[He giggles]

I’m looking for my Mummy…
She is dancing and drinking ambrosia somewhere here.


[someone shoots, a girl falls on the floor]

[The curtain goes down]
[The chair goes down]
[Enter girl left]
[She wears a black trousers and a black t-shirt]

Dear Mummy,
I can’t fly…
I am not an angel…
I am not real.
I am not alive.
I will wait for you.
Now I know you will come here as well.

2008-01-18 @ 17:40:14

How can you gain in maturity, independence and foreign language fluency? The answer is by staying in a foreign country, fitting in with the host family's lifestyle, and coping daily with a strange school, a strange town and a strange culture. The greatest ordeal for some adolescents is leaving their family environment. For some parents, it is letting their child go. The test for other youngsters is learning how to live with perfect strangers or tackling classes in a foreign language. The real challenge for these young people is assimilating a new language and culture.

Why should you try?

Yet, every year, over two thousand Polish adolescents are motivated enough to overcome these problems and head for adventure with the help of one of the twenty organizations offering long-term language trips. These trips are for young people between 15 and 18 and, in some cases, 19 years old. Free or paid accommodation is provided with a host family, depending on the organization and the country of destination. The organizations also make provisions for education in a secondary school or college with the possibility of preparing for any end-of-year examinations.
If you want to achieve fluency in another language, the immersion route is the best way to go.
But the immersion experience can be unsuccessful if not approached with a great deal of flexibility and an appreciation for how difficult it is to learn a second language and to adjust to new culture. Bilingual schools can work as a transition to an immersion experience on a variety of levels.

The vast majority of participants return literally transformed. Young people who have spent time abroad are more sure of themselves and of what they want to do with their lives. They have discovered a sense of responsibility and a respect for others and their differences. They have sharpened their curiosity and open-mindedness, They are fluent in then "adoptive" country’s language, whatever their level might have been before they left Poland. In a lot of ceases they become ten times more enthusiastic about their studies. They often keep in close contact with the voluntary family with whom they stayed. Finally, many of them follow up their initiation into the community spirit by becoming active members of the association which they traveled.

How to assess an organization’s professionalism?

The longer you stay, the more carefully you should choose the organization to which you entrust your safety. The best information is undeniably obtained by word of mouth. However, it is also important to differentiate between the organizations specialized in long-term trips and those for whom this type of trip is a secondary activity. Separate the non-profit associations from the commercial companies, whose motivations are very different. Also, find out about the internal organization of the establishment. Does it have a network of correspondents abroad? Are these correspondents voluntary? How are they recruited? Ask the same questions about the host families. Then determine how carefully the candidates are chosen: motivation interview; files describing the candidates' lifestyles, preferences and personalities as well as the type of host family they would like; a school report and letters of recommendation; a medical file; and courses taken to prepare for the departure ... and the return! As regards prices, you should obviously compare what is comparable! Most organizations publish all-inclusive prices, but it is worth checking whether the price in question includes vital insurance, education fees abroad and even the selection and preparation lees before the departure. The total price should logically cover all of the youngster's expenses, with the exception of his pocket money.

A year gained or a year wasted?

By and large, adolescents go abroad for a year after passing the exam which is checking their language level. Poland does not officially recognize the equivalence of secondary school curriculum. However, some pupils manage to negotiate this equivalence individually with their schools, for example by taking a skills test in order to enter the upper education. If in spite of all your efforts, the year spent abroad is not taken into account by the Polish system does it then constitute a ‘wasted’ year? Adults who went on trips when they were adolescents often tell that their year abroad has not only been a plus point on their CVs, but that the experience gained is of incomparable value and an asset for life.
What about the problem with the homecoming?

Living abroad isn’t for everyone. Just thinking of what you can gain should have you raring to go. The more you want to get out of your time abroad, the more focused you will be when you are away. Organizers of one year trips abroad all describe the same changes in the young expatriate’s enthusiasm and morale. The adolescent is euphoric for first three months. He becomes a ‘fighter’, raring to take on the challenge of language. Everything is new and fantastic and he is proud of how quickly he is fitting in. the turning point comes between the two terms and holidays. He starts to feel the burden of being far from his parents and friends. Daily life loses its exotic flavor and depression is just around the corner! This is why some organizations schedule a series of meetings to support the adolescents and prevent them from giving up their project prematurely. The arrival of spring sees the youngster as integral part of his new family. He understands everything and expresses himself with ease. He has made a lot of friends at school. In short, he is well-integrated and will soon no longer want to return to Poland. As the plane lands in Poland, he wonders whether his parents have changed and whether they will instantly be as close as they use to be. When the parents see their child at the airport, they hardly recognize him. He has grown up. The return is why some organizations have also put together return preparation programmes, which allow the youngsters to make the most of their experience abroad.

Being a foreign student.

First of all, when youngsters learn, they sometimes have to work. When they are late for school, the teacher will pay attention to them.
When they are late for work, the chef probably will dismiss them. Moreover, they do have to worry about money. Their parents are not doing everything for them anymore. And they have to concentrate on lessons.
They have to learn a lot because their language is not good enough. What is more, they have to be responsible.
They can of course sometimes make mistakes. School teaches youngsters many important things. They must manage in embarrassing or hopeless situations. When they are in terrible plight, they must be in full control of the situation. They learn how to keep it under control.
All in all life at school is sometimes hard to tolerate, but it is better than life in an adult world. It seems that more young people prefer school life.


More and more Poles are looking for seasonal employment abroad. Poles have a reputation for being conscientious, industrious, efficient and cheerful workers. The number of seasonal workers increases significantly in summer when they are employed in agriculture and catering.
The majority of Polish seasonal workers regularly go to Germany. Typical jobs include picking asparagus, strawberries, apples and tomatoes. German employers also hire skilled builders, baby-sitters, mechanics and shop-assistants. In Italy, most Poles work on the citrus-fruit plantations, while others are usually employed as cooks, waiters or industrial workers. In France, Polish people pick grapes, in Spain- strawberries, and in Sweden - bilberries.
Many employment agencies in Poland get thousands of offers from foreign companies looking for bakers, confectioners, butchers, roofers, welders, foresters and
psysiotherapists. The Norwegians are ready to take on hundreds of fishermen, sailors, shipyard workers and electricians. The Dutch seek nurses and gardeners, and the Swiss- farm-hands. Although the British are rather reluctant to employ foreigners, they do hire barmen, receptionists, chambermaids and cooks for the hotels and restaurants. The seasonal worker ‘elite’ are experts in computer science and telecommunications. Computer programmers can easily find employment in Ireland, Germany and Holland. Ireland also needs architects and construction engineers. Scandinavian countries offer job contracts to doctors, dentists and nurses.
Although the unemployment rate in Europe is high and amounts to 14 million, many countries suffer from a labour shortage in some trades. Generally, two types of employee are sought: the qualified specialist who has a good command of foreign languages or the unskilled or semi-skilled manual labourer for simple, agricultural, building and catering jobs.

The Poles and their weak points

What about the nature of the Poles, so praised by Winston Churchill during World War II? Are we still perceived as a great nation? Not necessarily. Undoubtedly, we have many character traits in our favour such as hospitality, generosity and patriotism. However, our Achilles' heel is our lack of optimism. Polish people seem to be gloomy, unenthusiastic and unfriendly. We rarely smile and have no confidence in our abilities. In the West, especially in the England, it is standard to 'keep smiling', even in times of trouble, but in Poland most people are fatalists who prefer to complain and grouch. Moreover, we are accused of being un-enterprising and lacking in initiative. We are inclined to sit on our hands and wait for instructions rather than tackle challenges on our own. At the same time, we are envious and ready to label achievers 'thieves' and 'cheats'.

Advantages and disadvantages of living abroad

Living abroad is something that Poles, especially the younger ones, often dream about . Is it really worth all the sacrifice? Like everything, living abroad has both its advantages and disadvantages .
The main advantage is that you can learn the language and the culture or customs of the country you live in. Moreover, you can widen your horizons by studying there and making career.
A further advantage is that you can make new foreign friends .
On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks to life abroad. First of all living there may be really expensive. Therefore not everyone can afford it. Secondly, you will certainly miss your family, your old friends, or perhaps your girlfriend or boyfriend.
In conclusion, living abroad may be very good for everyone. It can broaden ones knowledge of the world, customs and people .

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