Ohhh my little M:***
2009-10-19 @ 22:08:11
Today I was talking with her, she had beautiful eyes and she was smiling to me, but i know that we can't be together again.
This story is finished.

Now I'm thinking about good things =)
On this weekend my lovely team won again !!!


The Best Girl in my school :** M
2009-10-05 @ 22:05:43
She has been always nice :DD

and she will be always in my heart.

I will never forget her name :*** !!!

Next Fuc***g Day :|
2009-10-05 @ 21:47:44
So I am sad, my favourite team lost next match :/
J hate going to school ..... The teatchers are dangerous !!! I am afraid them !! My new class friends is very BAD =)
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