2009-05-18 @ 23:05:18
I'd like to recommend you a great film. It's the ,,Horsemen". I was watching it today and I liked it very much. I didn't expect so suprising ending.
Lately it was hard to find interesting film for me (believe I watch a lot of them). Maybe others were so boring that this seems to be so great xD

Lovely cat
2009-05-17 @ 15:14:07
2009-05-05 @ 23:09:58
Tomorrow I have to go to school, so I'm not so happy. I have been resting for five days and tomorrow is end of this. It's a hill of beans. I can't wait holidays... Like every student, I guess.

On the other side I'm in better situation than graduates who have to take an matura.
Good luck on exams. You can need this.

My future
2009-04-29 @ 19:21:35
I'm curious if it's good idea to study English language. I have a year to make a decission. Of course I'm going to learn it better. Could you give me some advice? Is it hard to find a job with this educational background?

my stupid problems.
2009-04-24 @ 22:18:18
Am I too touchy and oversensitive? Even one girl's name pronounced by my boyfriend can louse up my day. Like today... The past tells on.
But it could be worse... He only talks about her sometimes (rather rarely). I'll be worry about it when he'll start to meet with her again.
On the other side I noticed that I trust him more than before, when we were arguing.
Life is hard...
Ups and downs
2009-04-17 @ 23:15:03
Lately I have changes of mood sometimes. This day was bad too. My boyfriend had visited me. I don't know why suddenly I felt angry. Frankly speaking, I'm still... I wasn't suprised that he had noticed this. When I'm angry I can't pretend that everything is ok. Sometimes I'm dissapointed in him...

Sorry for writing about sad matters.
2009-04-15 @ 22:13:25
Sometimes, when I'm reading my previous notes, I'm wondering how could I think in that way or how could I do some things. Now I can see everything from distance. Now I'm laughing from that. But it's a pity that it's impossible to change past...
bla bla bla
2009-04-15 @ 20:51:28
I decided to improve my English, so I'd like to write here systematically.
Lately I realized how doing shopping can make feel us better. In my wardrobe appeared a few new blouses and jacket. It's irritating that a lot of people have this style, but I am cheering myself that that colour isn't so popular and nobody has it (I haven't seen yet xD)

In last months I put on weight. I have to lose it until holidays. I started to do exercise. I also gave up sweets and fast foods. I hope it will help me...
2009-04-11 @ 20:03:02
Another discontinuity in writing... I just forgot about this blog xD

Now there's Easter so I'd like to wish you everything the best, colourfull Easter eggs and lamb in basket. I hope you will spend this time happily with your family and enjoy it:)

2009-01-17 @ 00:36:16
Now I'm absolutely sure that love makes us feel better. I couldn't think about upseting and bad things in my life. I focus on good experiences... I hope that it will be extend for long time. I like this way :)
2009-01-17 @ 00:31:28
I feel really great. I have amazing boyfriend, good friends... Finally, I make up with my family.
To fullness of happiness I only need to improve my notes in school. I have too many 3 in first term. I want more higher notes. But I think I will manage this.
Definitely my life has changed. For better :)
2008-12-27 @ 10:22:47
I didn't write notes for a long time. To be honest I didn't have time and I didn't know what to write about.
I'm disappointed after this Christmas. I didn;t spend much time with my family so I was feeling strange. Those days were almost the same like others. It's because after 24. members of my family were working so whole days were without them. I hope that next Christmas will be better.
Gifts were really great, but it's not the most important thing for me.
St Andrew's Day
2008-11-29 @ 19:26:03
Today is Saint Andrew's Eve. It's a traditional eve celebrated in Poland on the night of 30th November since 13th century. As I had decided I stayed home. Alought it's great opportunity to meet friends %)
Now I have time to read my school lecture and to watch films I downloaded. I am going to the gym later. I haven't been there for so long. I wanted to exercise regulary but the vast majority of time I was spending with my boyfreind so I had no time. I was spedning it better at least:)
2008-11-28 @ 07:47:47
Yesterday I had an argue with my mum. She was angry because I often go somewhere instead of sitting home. Today I'm going to come out again to meet with my boyfriend so I think that there will be next fight. I don't want to sit home especially that it's start of weekend. But tommorow I will. Maybe It help my to concilate with her. Those restrictions are annoying...
<3 <3 <3
2008-11-23 @ 19:08:03
A lot of people told me to forgot about my ex. I succed. I became accustomed to this situation and I have no problem with pass him and his new girl in school. Besides I met somebody! <3 I don't know how I should call this relation. He is neither ordinary mate nor my boyfriend. Maybe in few days it will solve. :)

I have to learn more because I have worse notes than earlier. It's only month to end of school term.
My class
2008-11-18 @ 22:19:57
I noticed that I have better contact with class in this term. I talk with everybody and I have with them great time. I became more confident. It's quite weird because few months ago I hated most of them. Their insicerity and lies were annoying me. Now there are new groups (unfortunately) and it's reason not to like them again but it's just reality. I understood that. In every class are groups and people don't have to like each other. I found out that everybody has some good features and everybody deserves chance.
2008-11-18 @ 15:46:09
His new girlfriend isn't pretty... She is ugly! And she has got red hair. I can't understand why he is with her and why he spends with her more time in school than he used to spend with me...
2008-11-17 @ 16:36:20
'Live like there is no tomorrow, Sing as if no one can hear, Love like you have never been hurt, Dance as if nobody is watching, Laugh like no one is listening!'

I love this quote. It resembles me that I shouldn't care about what people say and that I should use life more. There's only one life and only one chance to live. If I look for others, I won't do what I want. I have to be myself with no scare.
,,I heard that you've got new miss
2008-11-16 @ 15:38:31
My ex found new girl in my school... ,,great". I don't know if it will be ok. Maybe I will kill her? joke... Alought it's great idea that could release me. I will pretend that everything is ok and that I don't care.
He's an idiot, like vast majority of men.

Lately neither my state of mind nor self-esteem aren't good. There are moments when I think that I'm useless, stupid, boring... I think it's because I often do stupid things. And later I deplore.
Few days ago I did something and now I feel like a slut... I hope I'll solve my problems that flow from this.
Stupid things...
2008-11-13 @ 10:49:12
Today I asked some girl on www.interpals.net to help me with French. She agreed. Now I know only that ,,No problem" is ,,pas de probleme". What a progress... xD

Guy that I started to write with seems to be some sexoholic so probably I'll finish this acquaintance. He is weird and I didn't noticed that at the beginning. And I don't like him anymore xD

Earlier I thought that more people write notes in their blogs on this page. Maybe 10722 visits were mine? xD

It doesn't disturb me in yearning on this blog. So... I'm wondering if my friend is my really friend. There was time we were close. Now not. I was writing about this in other notes. Maybe I'm thinking about this too much but I don't know if I can trust him... It's time to start calling him just colleague.

My future
2008-11-12 @ 13:35:27
What do you think about Psychology? Now I think a lot about my future. I'm going to study but I don't know what direction I should choose.
Lately I find out that poeople's problems, feelings or biases are really interesting. Sociology could be great too. I just don't know if it's good way for life and if I will find good job after this.

There was time in my life when I wanted to study English language but it's not good idea. I would choose it if my English were better.

Are here some people that could give me advice? It would be great. Thanks
2008-11-11 @ 23:45:12
Today I created an account on www.interpals.net. It's page where we can contact with people all over the world and met new ,,friends". I think this page is great. It's one of methods I could improve my English (or other language). Maybe talking with foreigners will help me. I hope so. I noticed there's a lot of Asian people.
2008-11-11 @ 12:54:04
The best cure for old love is new love. I don't have anybody new but I started to flirt with some guy. It's nothing serious of course, no. I'm only writing with him, quite shortly. But I understood that my ex isn't last person in the world. And I have to forget about him;] Maybe in some time I will meet some appropriate person that will make me happy.

I have to change my bias to life.

2008-11-10 @ 10:33:04
My cousin has boyfriend only month and she told me that first she'll introduce him to her parents, and then to friends. Now I wonder if it's something serious. Probably not;]
Now I should think about looking for my love;P
My diet
2008-11-10 @ 08:40:48
I can't be on diet, alought I want. I stopped to exercise becuse I have no time. I eat normally, like always. Moreover my grandmother made my favourite cake and yesterady I drank 5 beers! Putting it mildly I will be FAT. I have to do something with this. I will be content if I would emaciate approximately 5 kilos. Or 10... ;]

I was thinking about food supplements. There are pills that increase thermogenesis and reduction of
fat tissue. I know that it could be dangerous. It's possible that after that I will put on weight. But it depends of me.
When I will be eating normally my weight will be ok.

Cross your finger.
,,People always leave
2008-11-07 @ 11:25:24
Just now I was reading my blog from the beginning. I found notes about my ex boyfriend (then he wasn't ex). I was writing how happy I was... Hmm... I was stupid. This was extending quite curtly. Only month.
2008-11-07 @ 11:15:24
I don't know what is happening with me in last days. It's only 7 november and it's my fifth! notes on this blog. As you can see in archive I hadn't wrote too much since June.

I found a few great songs. I'm listening them all the time:
- Maciej Silski ,,Póki jestes", ,,Gdy nadejdzie dzień"
- Haley James Scott - ,,Friend With Benefits"
- Simple Plan ,,Your Love Is A Lie"
- Kate Voegele ,,Only Fooling Myself", ,,No Good"
2008-11-07 @ 10:51:07
I didn't go to school today. I was sleeping to 10 o'clock. What a pity that there's no more days like this. I can't stop going to school. Now I have time to tidy up my room. I didn't do this for ages xD. Later I'm going to watch films. My friend wanted to go with me to swimming pool but I have to pretend that I'm ill so unfortunately I can't go with her.

PS> I miss you... And you. and you.
2008-11-05 @ 17:19:57
Today I went to the dentist and I teed up for Monday. I hate dentists;/ But I have to go. It will be terrible. I hope that I won't scream.
Yesterday my friend told me that I ignore him. It's not true of course because it's a person with who I have very good contact. Maybe he thinks that because he want somethnig more than friendship. He told me this and he flatters me all the time... I have to talk with him today.
Probably I will be ill. I have sore throat and fever. I hope it's only cold. I don't want to have flu or something. Especially that we will have longer weekend.
2008-11-04 @ 17:25:37
Would would we do if we have no friends? I think that then life would socks. Other people are often our reason to life. Everybody want to have someone to with who he would talk, laugh or cry.
Few months ago I lost one. Later we started to talk again but it's not the same. Earlier our relations were better. Alought it's not goood finish, it's my next experience - that we should care for every person we love and fight for them. We can't give up.

Do I have an idealn life? No. It's a pity but nobody has. Sometimes I have bad days but there are some when I realise that I have a lot of reasons to be happy.

What I have to say to people that hurted me? Fuck you.
happy birthdays to me
2008-11-02 @ 20:09:14
I have bithdays today. It's really great day. I spend it with my friends. However I feel lack of something. I don't know what and why. I think I should do everything better or just be better. Maybe it's just temporary, light depresion... and it will go past in few days. I hope so.
2008-10-19 @ 09:28:14
The whole weekend I spent home. Probably I'm too lazy. I was watching movies and due to one of them I understood something. My happiness mostly depends on love, of course on friends too but it's good. Is it possible to change it?
2008-09-30 @ 20:08:54
Lately everything annoys me or makes me sad. School. Peole. Even my dog...
2008-08-08 @ 09:24:22
Yesterday evening I was crying a lot. Why? Because friend that I lost few months ago, told me he want to come back. We explained everything to each other. It hurted what he told me but on the other side I'm happy that now we try to repair our relations. I missed him. I found out about one thing. That he is very importnat person for me and I don't want next dissappointment...
Cracow trip
2008-08-02 @ 10:24:28
Yesterday I was in Cracow with my boyfriend and some friends. It was great time. Now I regret that I didn't buy some clothes in Krakowska Galery. It's huge shopping center. What a pity that in my city is smaller one. We did a lot of photos. There were some fights between us but generally I'm happy that I was there. We have to do it again.
2008-07-26 @ 22:22:26
Today, when I was walking through the shopping center, I met my ex friend. I don't know why but associations came back. I felt very sad. I only wanted to run away. Happily it went past and now I feel better.
2008-06-30 @ 14:06:47
Last months in my life were so stressful. I ascertained that I can rest on people. There is only one person lately I can trust and I'm happy with. Thank you:*
2008-06-18 @ 18:33:48
Today I find out that my younger cousin smokes cigaretts. Alought she doesn't do it often I have to convince her to give up it.
I know that I should't tell her how to live but I also know that she do this only to swank or to show she isn't small girl...

2008-06-14 @ 15:03:28
,,One more kiss could be the best thing
one more lie could be the worst
and all these thoughts are never resting
and you're not something i deserve"
2008-06-08 @ 16:06:22
Today is important match between Germany and Poland. I don't have to say who is my favorite. Poland, of course. Alought we have strong opponents I believe that we could win.
Love:) and friendship:(
2008-05-22 @ 18:28:22
Recently I had very good days... I felt in love. All the time I think of HIM. Unfortunately I'm not with him, but... we spend a lot of time together and it seems he pick me up.
For school my situation with ex friend improved. We don't talk too much but anyway I'm not sad and I became accustomed. Now I can smile often... :) It's true that time treats sores. Always there is some solution. It's good that I didn't change school (I had that intention).
Better late than never
2008-04-25 @ 07:55:25
Is that true? Time flies... But Is there always sense to do something even when it seems it's too late? I don't know if I should do something. I'd like to clinch an argument with some person but I'm afraid that I'll be like a moron in his eyes. Easier said than done, so I have doubts about this.

I'm not very brave as you can see now.
2008-04-23 @ 20:32:46
I came back from library. I turnet out that I have to pay 25 golds. Fortunately It was World Book's Day (I didn't know about this) and they let me off . xD I like this library now.

In the evening (precisely 30 minutes ago) I returned from the gym. I was exercising with my friend. Maybe I'm not so lazy I thought. I have never exercise so much as today. Everytime I was there I was talking or resting...

2008-04-23 @ 12:58:48
I have to go to a public library. Five months ago I borrowed a few books from there and I forgot to return them. Today I received reminder xD I am too lazy... I'm curious how much I have to pay.

Friend in need is a friend indeed
2008-04-22 @ 17:37:04
In last days I was sad for the vast majority of time. What's reason? I lost friend. Probably he was boring with me, because now he has now person to spending time. The worst is that I am going with him to the same class. Every day I look at them and I am wondering why he doesn't talk with me. I don't want ask him about this. Maybe one day we will explain this situation... Probably he need diversity in his life so I won't impose.
Now I have to be careful in making conections with others... Friendship can hurt
2008-04-21 @ 20:47:33
I was reading some English blogs and I'm wondering if writing this will help me in improving using this language. I wrote only one note. Some of you have bigger experience... Can it give me something?
Tell your little secrets and I'll tell you mine...
2008-04-21 @ 19:29:53
Should we be honest each other? And should we say everybody even brutal true?
A lot o people think that it's the best way to happiness. But sometimes it's not good way out. There's a lot of situations when we can hurt somebody. First we should think about feeling other person, because we can go to far and hurt somebody. I remember a lot of memories when I was regreting that I say something. My words weren't right... I tell something wrong or in bad moment.

Please check my notes. I'd like to practise English so I will appriciate this:)
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