Feast for all movie fans i.e.: Ravenous!
2010-12-29 @ 21:41:11
Even if you are great movies fan, probably you do not know this little masterpiece. That's a pity, because Ravenous is really entertaining, well-done, great acting and full of black humour movie. Did I mention about music? Michael Nyman did really great job, and he created soundtrack which you don't forget.

But what Ravenous is all about? It's horror story embedded in 1800's during american-mexican war. Lt. Boyd (Guy Pearce), for his cowardness is sent to small Army outpost in north California. Everything is change, when exhausted traveler (Robert Carlyle) appears in Fort Spencer and start his unbelievable story. I don't want to reveal too much from plot, because i think that you should experience it yourself.

This movie has fanatic followers, but for many of you can be just another horror story.
I'm curious about your opinions!

Watch trailer of Ravenous here:


I like watching horrors too,especially alone in an empty house ;)

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