2010-12-22 @ 18:48:24
Today was last day of school. We had Eve class and we gave each other some presents. I got beautiful necklace from my friend Ewa. It's such a cute present that I put on it at once. Tommorow i will go to icerink with friend. It will be first once at this season : > Wish me luck.
I <3 Friday
2010-12-17 @ 15:54:41
I finished school at this week, so i'm free. I don't have to forge for anything. I would be happy If I wasn't sick. I hate have runny nose and headache. Och I would foget about trying exams. That's a nightmare. ! Now I know that I don't know anything. Four hour I have been listening only one song :

Me and myself ;)
2010-12-16 @ 17:54:04

At the beginning I would like to say something about me. I'm teenager from small town, where knowledge of foreign isn't needed. Everybody know everything about everyone. I know that's could be funny, but i'm serious. My father is farmer and I have pigs and chickens. I hope that if I hard work and spend a lot of time learning of english I''ll codl go away from this boring place.
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