Life is life
2008-10-30 @ 16:44:46
I love your eyes, but they don't look at me..

I wil many talk you...
Take you anymore the place,
where been you so cold,
been you so afreid...

I wile many times told you,
I love you so mutch..

and this time been for me sad,
maybe I am verry bad..
2008-05-23 @ 18:04:14
He is in my mind...
And a boy like him, is so hard to find..

think... think... think...

I think As there was smoothly and nicely
if you understand that dozes in my "I" :)

You are like the sunshine an my sky..

That I miss you every day, because two nigths there is not enough too...

...there's a chance for you and me...

Just close your eyes - and stay with me
There is a place - where I wanna be with you
Just close your eyes - take me in your heart
I will love you pretty baby, if you try a start

Day for the memory..
2008-05-17 @ 13:17:21
This day is day for my memory..
I listen to music of my heart..

Yesterday I looked to him eyes long time
and I'll see what is in him mind..
but I don't see that..
I don't see where is place for me..
The place for my emotions..

I don't understood world..
I don't understood people..

Why never there is so.. as I want..

2008-05-13 @ 16:46:44
My book about love...
What I must to say..?
What I must to do..?

I don't speak english very well, so.. if you see my wrong.. say me that..


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