Won. !!!
2008-12-08 @ 14:38:03
i've come from match. we won it!!! xD i'm tired but i'm happy. i''m listen to music like always ;P i have to learn late. i'm having 8 hours in school tomorrow .. i don't like tuesday. oh i'm having 2 tests tomorrow. i'm going... bye.
i'm looking for...
2008-12-07 @ 15:08:33
i'm looking for some people which wants chat in english and learn english. if you want too you write to me. it's my GG 843015 and skype frytka8430153
second day.
2008-12-07 @ 15:00:29
i've come from match. it was good but we lost. i'm tired but i have to do my homework. i haven't a good mind to do homework. i have to write letter end learn biology and much else another things ;/ i'm playing 3 match tomorrow. i'm going away because i have to do exercise from chemistry. i really wanna learn english.
first day.
2008-12-07 @ 00:19:28
it is my fisrt day here. i know that i do a lot of mistakes but i wanna learn english. if i want that my dream come true i must learn english. I played match at 11 o'clock with champion poland in Jurior. we won all match but we lost when was 2 minutes to over. it was very big mistakes. i take pride in my team. i'm going to church and i'm playing match tomorrow. i'm having 4 match in the monday. i'm really tred. i'm going sleep because i'm tred and i must wake up at 8 o'clock a.m.

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