Do I believe in destiny?
2008-09-28 @ 00:23:45
I do. People find it, but unfortunately not always they follow their destinies.


We’re not able to predict our futures. We make decisions concerning our lives, but it does not mean that our choices are always good ones.
Again why?
Maybe fate likes to play with us.

I think that the point to find our destinies is our whole lives’ experiences. Thanks to them, we gain our lives’ wisdoms. Such findings can last our whole lives. But finally we know if we gained them or no.
I would like to find my true destiny.

I will not confine my destiny's searching:).
Ups and downs.
2008-09-20 @ 23:47:04
The twig had been hurt.
Now, it becomes to blossom.

We've been following the same path for a few years.
With our ups and downs, still together.

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