Long nights with...
2008-07-20 @ 03:54:40
Pam Jenoff Kommandant’s Girl: English lady gave the book to me when I was working in Frenchgate Cafe in England. Book per a night.

Paulo Coelho Brida: Book that gives you hope for finding another Soulmate in the same incarnation.
'Choosing a path means having to miss out on others'
2008-07-20 @ 03:12:14
We met together in the city.
We sat on some bench and started a talk.
He said that I seem to be a strange person to him.
These words stung me.
The same I felt when he went away from my home leaving me alone few days ago.
I whispered…
‘I thought we’re two forever’
‘Me too’ the answer sounded.
I was crying and he was close of that as well.
Till the last minute I hoped that he will embrace me and say that we’ll try one more time.
He made something else.
He hug me and went away.
I got in a flutter before I headed for home.
Step by step I was becoming calmer and calmer.
I didn’t burst into tears, something opposite to that had happened.
I came in home with smile.
I’m not sure about reason of this strange reaction.
I’m not sure if it was relief after a few days of suspense of ‘he loves me or not’ or
if the emotions were caused by tranquillizer.

I’m aware of the fact that day by day we’ll be further and further from our bodies and souls:(

He chose new path...
and I still need to find my one.
His detachment scares me the most.
2008-07-19 @ 00:42:30
He texted me today.
We’ve got meeting tomorrow.
I’m afraid that this will be our last conversation:(

I’m terrified of this appointment.
The point is that tomorrow I will get to know if he still loves me or not.
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