Child's Day
2008-06-02 @ 02:21:45
For Child’s Day I decided to go to The Lights in Leeds.
‘Sex and the City’ was the title of the movie that I chose. It’s a story of four close friends who struggle with problem of love. This movie was really worth watching. It gave me overcoming with emotion, I smiled and cried. It was that what I needed.
By the way for the first time I have bought nachos with 2 weird sauces [red and yellow;)] and a strange vegetable on the top, a cup of coke and I had impression like I would have been in the US, not the UK:) Quite a little of fun and something new:)
2008-06-02 @ 00:42:19
1.06.2008. [Sunday]

Too HUUUUUGE for me!
In spite of the fact that I was equipped in 2 maps of the city center and signposts, it wasn’t enough for me to show how street wise I am.
I was walking backwards and forwards.
To and fro!:)
Even if I’m watching the map few times, and turn it around, head over heels, I always decide to go in WRONG WAY:(
If men claim that women are not street wise, I am the best example for that they don’t make mistake in that opinion.
Sorry Ladies:(

Contrary to me, my sister always is able to find the right direction. Once she gets to a place, the next time she will get there without ANY problems.
During when I put girls sex down, my sister comes to ladies sex’ rescue.
1:1 :P
Family’s/ Girl’s MORAL SUPPORT:)

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