Welcome home
2008-06-26 @ 13:06:55
I came back home after one year off.
Strange, I expected some changes in his personality.


I really believed that my absence at home will drew together my family.
Somewhere inside of me I thought that our family has got the chance to be happy one if I leave home. But there is no changes. Everything is the same as it had been before my escape.

I’m sick at heart
...and lost for words
European Capital of Culture
2008-06-20 @ 21:18:08
Magic City:)

City Center
Walker Art Galery
Waterfront Buildings at the Merseyside
Albert Dock
China Town

I was going into raptures about all of these places that I visited by strolling through Liverpool.

p.s. I can't omitt police station that I vistied as well, thanks to my lost wallet. Fortunately, the property has been found and I will get it back in week.
Uff... :)
2008-06-20 @ 19:58:50
Bune!- Hi!
Czefaczi?- How are you?
Bine- Good
Ozibune- Have a nice day
Fluture- Butterfly
Mulcomes- Thank you

Thanks to Simona and Sorin:)
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