I'm so sorry:(
2008-05-31 @ 01:49:53
30th May 2008.
Neither I visited you in hospital nor I’ll farewell you tomorrow;(
Two weeks passed as you got to hospital, as you fought with cancer and as you were summoned by God.

She endured much pain, but she came through the disease together with family.
All the time someone watched over her.
Everything is passing by so quick …to quick:(
I’m so sorry for being so far away instead of supporting and caring of you.
I prayed to God for you.
You’ll be always on ours minds.

For all it’s hard to goodbye her.
It’s hard to say my mum the last ‘Goodbye’ to her own sister, my auntie.
It’s hard to say my cousins the last ‘Goodbye’ to their mum.
It’s hard to say my grandmum the last “Goodbye’ to her daughter.
For me it’s hard to goodbye her.
So much crying.
So much loss.
Sorrow and bitterness.


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