Long nights with...
2008-07-20 @ 03:54:40
Pam Jenoff Kommandant’s Girl: English lady gave the book to me when I was working in Frenchgate Cafe in England. Book per a night.

Paulo Coelho Brida: Book that gives you hope for finding another Soulmate in the same incarnation.

I did try to talk to him but we only effect was that we had an agrument because he still doesn't understand. And he can't admit he's jelaous! Hehe
I haven't read 'Brida' but I've read most books by Coelho. At first I loved them, but after 'Zair' I got bored with this author... well. I still think he's great in writing ;)

As to your ex boyfriend I'm very glad you're not worried anymore. I think that with time everything will get better ;)

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