2013-12-12 @ 20:14:43
Why snow come out?
I wants snow!!!!!!!
I dream of throwing snowballs.
I hope that you too...
2013-12-12 @ 20:08:54
Today I went to the corner chees with my friend's Patryk and Paweł.
In corner chees study interesting movement.
Play chees is very interesting.
I recommend it.
2013-12-11 @ 17:30:54
Tomorrow, we have got test for Duth :(
2013-12-11 @ 17:24:49
Today I buy a new, grey, paper notebook.
This notebook is a grille.
2013-12-10 @ 19:23:13
I like English!!!!!!!!!
GTA San Andreas
2013-12-10 @ 19:22:51
GTA San Andreas is great game. Contains she interesting story. You can play multiplayer and to have fun.
2013-11-26 @ 12:50:57
I'm sick and bad.
Today I was doing nothing
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