2008-03-05 @ 14:52:34
What can i say...I didn't go to school today because we had half- day and 3 classes free so i stayed at home. As I said before i'm doing my live cert. this year. I just had pre exams and I got two results already. Biology and english, fortunately i passed:) I'm waiting now for other results such as from business, maths and geography. To pass live. cert. I gotta pass at least 5 subjects. I have 6 subjects including Polish. However, we didn't have pre exam on Polish. We can do Polish because there are many Polish people at school. It's good but I don't talk to irish people so my english is not iproving so much. I don't complain. I don't like Irish, Polish and Irish are like 2 different worlds. I can't find any communication with them, they are so childish. I prefer to talk to Polish though i could try to communicate with others. I think there's no point to meet irish after school. When i was working i met many interesting people who were my age or older. they were really ok. i'm still in touch with them. There's always something you can talk to them about.
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