2012-11-12 @ 20:31:24
I like Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I don't like Monday. Today I wake up at 4.00 am. I want to get up early. I know, I'm very strange girl. I have six lessons today. I'm reading Feliks, Net i Nika oraz Świat Zero 2. Alternauci by Rafał Kosik at this week. This story is very interesting. I will end.
See you soon ;-D
PS I'm sorry for the mistakes.
2012-11-02 @ 11:35:06
Hello ;-)
I came back. Two days ago was Hallowen. I did't collect drops, but I went to Church with friends ;-D. I didn't celebrate Hallowen. I went to cementery yesterday. I lighted a candle. I don't write in English very good. I learn. I'm sorry for the mistakes. See you soon ;-D
Introduce ;-)
2012-10-08 @ 18:22:43
Hi !
I'm Isabelle and I'm 14 years old. I'm a student in Middle School. I live in Wroclaw. I like this city. I study English and I'm not perfect. I like rock music. I like playing volleyball. See you soon ;-D
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