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saaaaaaaaaaad :(
2007-10-23 @ 14:51:33
What I should write ??
Oh, I don't know....
My life.... Actually I have't life if I don't be with M :(
strange day.....
2007-10-21 @ 22:48:03
Sorry I didn't write posts. I hadn't lot of time... New school,new life... so...
I had too many problems :(

My friend's brother dead... [*]

I'm in class with mainly lessons Biology and Chemistry....

Nataly from Germany visited me:) she was in my house one week. It was funny xD but now I've got lot of things to do about school :( oooh God ;(

And in love... ? nothing special...
he is /....and I am.../ and we aren't :(

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kiesses for everybody:*
Horses <33
2007-08-25 @ 14:47:39
Today me, Daga, Ala and Halinka were in Święcko.They was rideing a horses. but I don't . I leanrnt lot of about it. I admired . Horses are second love of my life! I sow their gallop. I'm lovin it! I dream aboub ride a horse, but I haven't got money:( If I had job I would ride. I'ww try. Perhaps my dreams will be real ?
song of the day - HEY-Byłabym ;)
2007-08-21 @ 22:47:37
I love HEY :* . I met with my best friend DaguŚka=*. Yesterday too. Today we went in mountains. We made lot od kilometers on foot. I'm so tired. I love my surroundings. It's so beauty. Silence and evennes. Fresh air. Such an amazing views! Mountains,hills,valleys. The weaher was really good. I couldn't belive it, what a life is brilliant! I forgot wll my troubles,problems,rubs. I though this moment could be always. I say,if life is more simple when we aren't complain. I've my love friends ! My teasure! Ok,I haven't got good home:( and love:( but on world is so good and beautiful things,that we shouldn't break adversity. Even in my disaster sytuation like mine, is whichever egress. Well, Head for mountain (top)! xD kisses for everybody=*
What a drag it is the shape I'm in;(
2007-08-19 @ 22:44:10
I won't write a lot of things today. I've got wrong day ;(
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