2009-04-10 @ 22:49:26
sometimes everything's sucks. i hate it!!!!!
I hate situations, in wich i have to make a choise.
and i don't know how it will go on, but unfortunatelly it goes...without you. and everywhere i look, everywhere i stand, i see you...
but it's over now.
At least, i will meet Sebastian once again.
And i will keep it all, for that.
I don't know how it will go on, but unfortunatelly it goes...
2009-03-27 @ 16:24:13
Hi everybody! :)
I'm Claudia and I'm 15. More about me you can read in link 'about me' :P
So.. yeah, i'm starting to write a blog. I prefer write in english than in polish^^

You have to know, that love is really pain for me. Previous summer I met a guy, who is German, and he has 17 years old. Okay, he'll finish 18 years in May.
He wrote me, that he loves me. But he had a girlfriend. We couldn't be together, cause he lives so far away from me. We talk in english by ICQ. We wanted to meet this summer in the same place, but my best friends can't be there when he'll be in Świnoujście. So, maybe i'll be there with my parents, so i'll meet with him without them. And i'll go with them in other therm on a fieldship/campship. Sebastian (this is his name) want it. But i don't know what to do. I don't want to miss a thing, but...
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