2009-01-19 @ 20:31:12
Has anyone of you passed CPE? I`m asking because I need an advice. Maybe someone could give me some clue about what should I focus on?
I`ve already succesfuly passed FCE & CAE and it` s time for CPE. I`m aware of the fact that it won`t be a piece of cake for me and I need your help :]

CPE is the highest certificate. I have no idea what to tell you. I've only passed FCE and finished CAE course. I'm impressed that here are people so good at english. Respect.
Although it was very nice you needn`t have praised me. I assume that you are at least as good in English as I am. By the way it looks like we both are at the same level now :]
Tell me something about yourself. Are you a student?
Wow,it's great you passed FCE and CAE.
I'm going to pass FCEin December.
Good luck!
You misunderstood. I am definitely not depressed. I am though confused. I have made some really important decisions that I am not sure about. And I want everything to clarify in order to have some peace at last. And… I really don’t think it takes a lot of courage to post a note in your blog, whatever the contents of the aforementioned note. :)
Hehe I don't know...maybe you're right. But they are lots of other really important problems.
Well I was thinking of 'pedagogic' but I wasn't surre. I decided to check it in dictionary but it wasn't (I checked in two) so I reasoned that I was wrong and I steel didn't know . But now I know --->thanks;)

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