too many duties
2008-12-04 @ 14:41:02
I took too many responsibilities on my arms and don`t know how to deal with this, now. I should start from the very beginning so... I have started my professional practice in primary school as an English teacher, where I conduct lessons twice a week (on Mondays and Fridays). From Tuesday till Thursday I go on classes and at weekends I have part-time job. Considering that I will have no free time for myself I decided to get this additional job because I needed money. What`s more a few days ago my neighbour asked me to help her daughter with English. I couldn`t refuse so I start teaching her. And so I`ve become a tutor but I don`t regret this decision I think I`m quite good in what I`m doing because I see progress she did. My financial problems seem to be solved but I sacrifice a lot of my health. I usually come back home exhausted not only physically but also mental.

Maybe you shouldn't have taken so many responsibilities...
I teach english too.. but only one person. And it's nice to earn some money from hobby ;)
You`re right but I don`t do this only for money. I take pleasure when I can help somebody to improve his or her English and I guess this is my true vocation.
That's nice. I'm materialist heheh..
Maybe you should take a break for some time?

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