Hard situation :(
2008-11-30 @ 16:12:54
I have been looking for a job for many weeks but all my efforts turn out ineffective. I`ve got through many different problems in my life but this one is the only I couldn`t cope with. Many close friends tried to give me support and encourage me to further action but overwhelming depression was growing in me and I felt like useless thing, so I gave up. At present, I`m thinking about going abroad because I`m at the finish with my studies and don`t see any prospects for future. If I finally decide I probably choose Boston in UK as my future place to live in. I was there during last holidays and I liked it well.

It's not good when you can't see any prospects for future. Maybe you shouldn't give up. I wish you luck. I hope that I won't have problem like you.
Good luck :) You will find a good job. Be positive.
Your welcome.
You can't copy here pics from PC, only if they are on the internet. You're copying an url code.
Oh, what a pity!
I have great pics which I did on holidays and I really wanted to show you some of them.
Then you can copy them here:
and then here.

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