I am again here.....
2010-12-22 @ 15:38:24
I am sorry that I wrote no so long. I think that what I will be writting it may be intersting for you. I know I can't to write so well but I think, can be understing what I write for you, if not lets me know.I will to write about me briefly. My life has change at the moment where I got gift of the curing people. This called Reiki. I am married but my marriage is failure. My husband wanted me my life to destroy. Last time I wrote that I could't my exam of english to write. I think with the time that this was a bad way for me. My life begins quite differently arranged. The last time, I had a lot of work over me( with the Health Energy- Reiki). I begin to see a lot of thing differently. In my life a lot is now happening. I promise, I will be writting, so often how I can, so I can to improve my english and you can to know a lot of life. Mybe, it to tomorrow and you should think positive :-)))

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