about me
Ok, I hate writing first post. It's extremly difficult to write it. I'm Karolina, but friends call me Karola, Kara or Karo. I'm 14. and it's all about myself in this post xD
I love (or like)
-Friends ;*
-Vacation xD
-My MP3 player, and mobile xD
-my camera
-Jeff Dunham, achmed and peanut <3
and more. ;))

I hate:
-techno kids
-when I'm listening to music on my mp3 player, and then I see "low battery"
-Mrs J. xD Mr. Sz. and Mrs. Lesia xD
amd more.

She's the best ;* She is special, and she'll fall in love with somebody special. When ? Soon. I know it, cause she is:
-the best
-the most beautiful
-the nicest girl
-the most reliable
-very sensitive
-and all "the most..." or " the ~est.." of course good meaning.
For Magda, Błeno ;* it's all about you !

Oh, I love you, and you know about it. I love laughing with you, and all this stuff we are doing together ! You're my best friend too, and We'll be friends forever ! Love ya sooo much ;*


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