2007-12-26 @ 19:49:20
What's up with Avril ? I don't understand this shit. -_- I read magazine yesterday, and there was a photo of Avril, and there was a text like this "We can forgot about her old punk image " she was wearing a dress from Dolce & Gabbana. Ok. I know that everybody needs changes, but why somebody, who is our idol, and we want to be like this person, and she don't want to be like all hollywood stars, she becomes "Big famous Hollywood star". Maybe It's not true but, i think that in few years she may be person like Britney or Paris. Belive me I love Avril, and her music. I hope that she won't be ''big superstar''

Ha ! Kinderpunks is everywhere ! "I'm punk and my favourite siingers are: Doda, Rihanna, Paris" etc. I love it. Maybe I'm not punk, but I love punk bands xD. Andeverybody i emo now. why ? 'cause it;s fasionable, and i don't understand this shit too. ;D Ok. I promie I won't say bad things about world. :)) Luv ya ;*

ps. SHIIIIIT ! and "Angel Party"(31.12) may not be ;/ why why why ?;(
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