All I want for Xmas is you... <3
2007-12-25 @ 17:08:32
I've got new hairstyle ^^ I love it. :) And I've got a lot of new things. Yesterday was Christmas Eve. It was... hmm.. okay I think, but I don't feel Christmas atmosphere. ;? Xmas without snow.. I love snow -_-
No, I haven't forgotten about this blog. But it's very difficult to write it in
English Magda xP It's easier to write it in Polish. ^^
Oh, in few days, we'll have new year, I hope, that 2008 wil be as good as 2007 :)) why ?
13.06.2007 <3 Linkin Park in Poland xD IT's was the best time in all my life. I couldn't wait.
and It was the best vacation, I've ever been. I met a lot of lovely people and I miss you all, I hope that we'll meet soon ;*
Last day of 2007 I'll spend with my friends: Zosia, Marta, Ania, Ania, Sonia, and maybe Karolina ;) ;** I can't wait.

'cause I want dance ! Everybody Dance now. ! ;*
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