2007-12-26 @ 19:49:20
What's up with Avril ? I don't understand this shit. -_- I read magazine yesterday, and there was a photo of Avril, and there was a text like this "We can forgot about her old punk image " she was wearing a dress from Dolce & Gabbana. Ok. I know that everybody needs changes, but why somebody, who is our idol, and we want to be like this person, and she don't want to be like all hollywood stars, she becomes "Big famous Hollywood star". Maybe It's not true but, i think that in few years she may be person like Britney or Paris. Belive me I love Avril, and her music. I hope that she won't be ''big superstar''

Ha ! Kinderpunks is everywhere ! "I'm punk and my favourite siingers are: Doda, Rihanna, Paris" etc. I love it. Maybe I'm not punk, but I love punk bands xD. Andeverybody i emo now. why ? 'cause it;s fasionable, and i don't understand this shit too. ;D Ok. I promie I won't say bad things about world. :)) Luv ya ;*

ps. SHIIIIIT ! and "Angel Party"(31.12) may not be ;/ why why why ?;(
All I want for Xmas is you... <3
2007-12-25 @ 17:08:32
I've got new hairstyle ^^ I love it. :) And I've got a lot of new things. Yesterday was Christmas Eve. It was... hmm.. okay I think, but I don't feel Christmas atmosphere. ;? Xmas without snow.. I love snow -_-
No, I haven't forgotten about this blog. But it's very difficult to write it in
English Magda xP It's easier to write it in Polish. ^^
Oh, in few days, we'll have new year, I hope, that 2008 wil be as good as 2007 :)) why ?
13.06.2007 <3 Linkin Park in Poland xD IT's was the best time in all my life. I couldn't wait.
and It was the best vacation, I've ever been. I met a lot of lovely people and I miss you all, I hope that we'll meet soon ;*
Last day of 2007 I'll spend with my friends: Zosia, Marta, Ania, Ania, Sonia, and maybe Karolina ;) ;** I can't wait.

'cause I want dance ! Everybody Dance now. ! ;* http://www.gory.net.pl/sylwester/sylwester.jpg
Merry Xmas ;*
2007-12-23 @ 22:34:41
I love Xmas, so...

Merry Christmas, happy new year, a lot of presents, cash ;), love, friends, etc ;*

I want party. Now. PARTY PARTY PARTY.

Tomorrow, we'll have, and give somebody souvenirs. ;))...

The end. ;* Love xD
Hi !
2007-12-14 @ 21:17:25
Ok, I hate writing first post. It's extremly difficult to write it. I'm Karolina, but friends call me Karola, Kara or Karo. I'm 14. and it's all about myself in this post xD
I love (or like)
-Friends ;*
-Vacation xD
-My MP3 player, and mobile xD
-my camera
-Jeff Dunham, achmed and peanut <3
and more. ;))

I hate:
-techno kids
-when I'm listening to music on my mp3 player, and then I see "low battery"
-Mrs J. xD Mr. Sz. and Mrs. Lesia xD
and more.

LINKIN PARK- it's the best band, I love them, and their music makes me happy, 13.06- They were in Poland, in Chorzów <3 13 isn't unlucky.

Coma- Polish rock or metal band. Oh, They're rock ! Love them.

System of a Down- Love them too. I'm addict to "my" music.

HIM- Oh, their music makes me happy, when I want listen love songs.

My Chemical Romance- Everybody are crazy about them. But I don't care about it. Everyboidy wants to be emo now. "Oh, Gerard, Gerard you made my heart burn !" xDD I'm Addict to their music!!

Avril- Oh, She is blonde now, but, i like her music. and i think that old songs was better than songs from "The best damn thing", but i love them too xD

KSU- Polish punk band. Fall in love with their music.

The Analogs- Polish punk band. Fall in love with their music.

Pidżama porno- Polish punk band. Fall in love with their music.

(I know I'm oryginal ^^)

Hellogoodbye- I'm addict to "Here in your arms".

The rasmus- It was first rock band I've ever heared.

others i'll describe in next post xD
Tell me, what love is ?

"Love's a funeral of hearts,
and an ode for cruelty,
Where angels cry blood,
of flowers of evil, in bloom.
The funeral of hearts
And a plea for mercy,
when love is a gun,
separating me from you..." HIM- "Funeral of hearts"

You know, there's no place I could be, but here in YOUR ARMS <3 ;***

"Do you love me? Oh do you love me ? DO you need me ? Oh do you need me ?" Ashlee Simpson "In another life"

"I'm not pretty as the girls in magazines..... Why do you love me ?..." Garbage- "why do you love me" it's makes me crazy xD


She. She's the best ;* She is special, and she'll fall in love with somebody special. When ? Soon. I know it, cause she is:
-the best
-the most beautiful
-the nicest girl
-the most reliable
-very sensitive
-and all "the most..." or " the ~est.." of course good meaning.
For Magda, Błeno ;* it's all about you !

Ok. I'm not the best in English, and i think you'll forgive me all my mistakes i'll do xD
I hope that you will like it, my world view, dreams and all this fuckin' stuff xD

P.S And I'll change my 'logo' soon. I promise.
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