Day after day.
2008-02-15 @ 13:26:35
I don't wrote post a long time ago and I can't explain why.xD Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I didn't do something special things, because I'm not in love, but It was a good day for me.;)
Today I was at school. Then I come back to home and now I'm writing this text and eating pasta. This dish is delicious. I'm going to go to English lesson at 16 o'clock and after this I going to take photo with me friends.;)
Who knew?
2008-02-01 @ 14:38:47
Ugh. I got ill and I'm must sitting at home. It's so boring... I don't know what I can do so I'm sitting and use a computer. Yesterday I was at shopping, but in the evening I had a bad humor. Everything is uneventful. Nothing happen. I get sick of this.
I listening Pink now. I wasn't listening her songs long time ago.

'You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
Uh huh
That's right
I took your words
And I believed
In everything
You said to me
Yeah huh
That's right.'

Pink - Who knew
Kindergarten .xD
2008-01-28 @ 20:06:44
Today I can sleep how I want and I'm very happy of this.xD It's me second day of winter holiday. My 3 cousins come to my little sister so I have a kindergarten at home^^ I were with my two best friends in the evening. We can laugh all time and sometimes we can't stop. She always make me smile and I love spend my time with her. I love them, but like friends of cours.xD
I listening Hey's songs now. I think it's very good polish band, one of my favorite. Their lyrics are very amazing.

W podtekście mieszkam gdzieś.
W przenośni chowam się.'

Hey - a Ty
Hello. The first post. :)
2008-01-27 @ 21:25:40
This is my first english blog. I decided to write here, because I never did something like this and I think is a very good idea to learn English. I don't know what can I say...Maybe I should tell about me? So... My name is Sara and I'm almost 15. I go to high-school, but now I have a winter holiday.;)I'm interesting in music, sports , movies and I like meeting with friends.

That's all now. I'll be so happy when anybody find any mistakes and tell my about it. :)
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