2024-03-20 @ 14:36:12
I think it could have been in summer two years ago, when I was ridinig on my bicycle up the hill on my way home. I saw two boys with bicycles, who had some problem, so I asked them, what happen. They had small accident while riding down this hill, one of them has not so small wound on his knee. I cleaned his knee, spritzed with Octenisept and saw quite big whole - I was shocked :O Boy rather also was in shock, but didn't cry. I helped second boy to straighten bicycle handlebar and asked them if they'll manage to come back home by themselves. They confirmed, so I only told them to take care and I went back home.
St. Nicholas
2023-10-03 @ 13:52:12
During pandemic I have involved in two additional activities, because they needed people and I had enough time and was very willing to do that.

First, I started to cook "Chylońska soup". Near the Catholic church of Saint Nicholas, once w week, good peaple cook 100l of delicious soup for poor people. I have been doing that with them for two years I think. It was really great work, smart anf funny conversations, good and valuable time. Also I hope this was a help for all those poor and homeless people. Once, parish priest organised for them a free coach pilgrimage to Obory and I went with them. This was nice occasion to thalk with them longer, get to know better them and their story of life.

Second, maybe for a year, I was helping media team with oline transmission of Holy Mass. Many people enjoyed that, so I'm glad my work was useful.
2023-10-03 @ 13:03:35
Once I met a couple from London. They were sitting on small ledge, the girl has a wound on her elbow, because she fell down from the electric scooter. So I spritzed her elbow with Octenisept and plastered adhesive bandage. I think she was quite all right.
Wooden table
2023-10-03 @ 12:46:19
Long time ago, during studies, while walking near my university, next to zebra crossing, I met elderly man, who carried heavy wooden table. I was trying to help him, but I wasn't strong enough, so I called some boys for help. I hope they all managed to finish this action.
2019-02-22 @ 17:23:37
It's nice to meet again the same lady and again help her. Those, who some time ago bought board with horses for her grandchild, this time has also shopping bag but another gift for grandchild - something with football players. I helped her with bags, though we didn't have much time to talk. I stil found her smart.
Long time
2019-01-08 @ 14:06:36
Yesterday while going on classes, I noticed the moment, when box of cigarette was fallen out from one girl's pocket. So I took it and gave back to her. I find it little funny, she said to me: Jesus, thank you! xD Well, I don't know if I did good by this act, but... ;)
2018-08-24 @ 13:01:56
Recently was rainy day and fortunately I have an umbrella with me. I was going from urban rail station. One woman didn't have an umbrella, but started to run. I catched her up and offer to go together under umbrella. She asked if I also go to shopping centre, I confirmed. This short way we made in silent, but still it was nice to help this woman go through rain and stay dry :)
2018-08-24 @ 12:13:55
Some cloudy day, while going back from lesson I met elderly lady with shopping bags walking slowly uphill. She looks so poor at those moment, probably tired, therefore I offered help. I took her bags and we went on, uphill. I noticed she was holding kind of board with horses and information about this animals, for her grandchild. We chatted about horses and stuff up till staircase. I think she's really smart and interesting person :)
2018-08-24 @ 11:21:09
On the last meeting at Alpha course in Rumia we've got special guests: a couple from Zakopane. First they talk about themselves and what they do, later we've got questions and conversation. Lastly, they pray for each one. It was amazing, they really have beautiful relation with God! On parting I thought I can give them chocolate, which I bought in confectionary plant Bałtyk. And that was success, because I gave them chocolate with almond filling, which they like the most :D It was so kind to see their happiness ^^
2018-08-24 @ 10:57:52
One day I was going from city to my dorm and on the way I noticed lady, who was sitting on the small Wall and wasn't look very good. So I asked what's happened. She felt bad because of some illness. I proposed to help carry her big shopping bag to home. At the begining she refused, didn't want to bother me, but I convinced her I'm not in hurry and like walking, so helping her will be my pleasure. Eventually she agreed :) I took her bag and accompanied to her house. En route we had nice chat ;)
2018-08-24 @ 07:22:28
In May I first time visited city of Łódź. The main reason called Jesus Christ Superstar the Musical and took place in the evening - I was so excited waiting for that - and I don't regret, that was amazing performance! But before, during the day, my friend Ola showed me nice and known places in Łódź. One of those was metropolian cathedral, where on the table stood small basket. They collected rosaries for prisoners and ill people. I left here one rosary, which I got before, I hope it'll be useful for somebody. Lucky me, some time later, one of Black Frier sister gave me her rosary! ;)
2018-08-24 @ 06:35:21
I'm from Masuria, now living in 3City. Once I got branched tree cake (sękacz) and gave a piece to janitress in my dormitory. First she didn't want to take it, but I insisted, so finally she took it and she was very happy, because she really like this cake. I was glad I could give her a little of pleasure :)
2018-08-23 @ 19:09:41
Last New Year's Eve I spent in Basel, on The European Meeting with thousands of young people and brothers from Taizé. I was volunreer there and it was fantastic time! I met a lot of great people, get to know a little of Taizé's spirit and I helped with organisation. Amazing time :)
2018-04-18 @ 21:43:28
In the autumn I met quite old woman with stick, who was carrying heavy shopping bag. At first I didn't want to help her, I was hoping she would turn left, but she didn't, so finally I decided to help. She's nice, I found out she worked in the city, where I was learning and living at secondary school. She also has a husbend (now he lives in Heaven), who was from the city, where I graduated my Bachelor degree. Some time later I had met her again in the same situation.

After Easter I was travelling by train from home. Some grandpa was sitting before me, but only till some station, then he has to stand, because there was a lot of people. I was doing my homework. At one point I noticed it's hard to him to stand upright. Well, he was old, I could see he felt pain in legs and back. So I got on my feet and told him to sit down. He was grateful and I was continuing my homework. At next station, maybe an hour later, we changed. But he wasn't on foot long time, because another lady proposed him a seat. After next hour he got off the train.

Today I went with my roommate for train to say her bye for a few days and have a little walk. When she entered train I was going back through the platform and saw a woman who was carrying big and heavy luggage alone. Then she went downstairs for second big suitcase, so I offered her help and carried it with her. She is from Ukraine, was working in Poland for half year. In Wroclaw she meet husband and come back to her hometown in West-Ukraine.
2018-01-20 @ 18:08:07
I have had a long hair, not so much, normal ;) And on the 73th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprosing (01.08.2017) I cut my hair very short :) It was 35 cm long, so I decided to sent it to the Rak'n'roll Foundation :) They made a wig and some kid with cancer got it for free :) I'm happy I could help somebody ;) And the hairdresser, young man, knew exactly how I would like my hair looks like :D So he did his job perfectly, I was glad and thankful. I really liked my short hair, because I liked myself with them and I knew that my plaited hair will be useful for somebody in need :)
2017-08-08 @ 11:03:03
On the 13th of July (Thursday) I had my thesis defence. I was very nervous. But my friends, BiZ and ZiP were with me and I met a few people, who heartened me. I'm so grateful to my supervisor, professor Engr. Hanna Pondel, PhD. She is wonderful teacher, she helped me a lot. She's incredible welcoming and motivating. That day I was buying flowers for her and two other members of the commettee. The florist Kwietna is also a fantastic woman, she made beautiful bunches, really gorge. After thesis defence I went to her again to say thanks and give her a sweet :) I also went to one girl, who I talked day before with. I was so happy, after my thesis defence (I got 4,5 mark) I wanted to share my joy with everyone! Even when homeless couple asked me for time, I gave them sweets and show off my achievement ;) They told me: More power to your elbow! :D That was amazing day! :D
Children's Day
2017-06-03 @ 08:54:37
At the first Thursday of June 2017 I send pack to my friend Daria. She's going to Zambia with a few friends and collect gruels and sweets with vitamins for African children. The post office worker help me with my pack and ask a little. She was really interested in a big problem starving children in the Third World country and enthuse over the fact, that Daria will help them on her mission. She wished them good luck and also save the address, so I hope she'll send somenthing too :)
2017-05-01 @ 11:59:19
My grandmother Helena was born 17th July 1929. After the World War II she finished 5th class at school and learnt a poem, which I can't find in the Internet. Mayby you know something about that? Here is my translation:


I'm looking at the globe - visage of the world
Whole is sky-blue from water colour
Land is so small on this blueness
Although is vast, although is aplenty
Distatnt sea, deep sea
How far bigger than landfall
Are there ways, which lead through them
O, there are highroads, I can see them from here
The way smudge through high-sounding waves
Smouldered sail
Quiver air rustle
Day flow wing-foot to proud corvette
Columbus' hand wield it's rudder
Oh, he's not the only one, there are many voyagers
On seaway for hundreds of years
Float around, follow an aim in order to discover unknown world
World is so big, man is so small
But when bravery will take up residence here
Will win the world, will win the sea
Every dream will turn into act


Patrzę na globus - oblicze świata
Cały błękitny od barwy wód
Ziemia tak mała na tym błękicie
Choć tak rozległa choć jest jej w bród
Morze dalekie, morze głębokie
O ileż większe niżeli ląd
Czy są tam drogi co przez nie wiodą
O, są gościńce, widzę je stąd
Smuży się droga przez szumne fale
Zetlony żagiel
Drży wietrzy szmer
Chyżo dzień płynie dumnej korwęcie
Ręka Kolumba dzierży jej ster
Ach nie on jeden, zbadawców wiele
Na morskich szlakach przez setki lat
Krążył dokoła,
Dążył do celu, ażeby odkryć nieznany świat
Świat jest tak wielki, człowiek tak mały
Ale gdy męstwo zamieszka w nim
Zwycięży ziemię, morze zwycięży
Każde marzenie zamieni w czyn
2017-04-12 @ 11:12:10
On Monday I've going to the university, checking sth in my smartphone and I noticed the card for public transport was lain on the pavement. I wondered a second, should I take it, go back 300 m and give it to public transport management. But I took it, looked at the photo and started looking for the man with such a face. So I saw him! :) I didn't have to move back, I ran forward 50 m and asked bald guy in his twenties. The card belong to him. He just thanked me and straightaway each other went own way :) I even didn't check his name on the card ;p I'm glad he didn't lose his card for longer, it would be a problem, if he enter the tram and discover he has no ticket ;)
Have a nice day! :D
Sunny day
2017-03-15 @ 20:12:14
Today while going to the university I saw an old woman fell on the pavement, maby 10 m before me. Immediately some man helped her, I admire his peace and calm talk. 88-year old woman lost blood from her nose and she felt pain in her riht arm. Some boy with dog called an ambulance. I gave handkerchiefs and helped her to sit on the ground. When we heard alarm siren I ran to the street to show the ambulance the way to drive. Medical rescuers thank us and took care of the lady. I hope she's alraight.
Be safe
2017-01-13 @ 13:33:23
Two days ago, going form tram, I saw woman, who pushed two pushchairs with babies. I noticed, that it was hard to her turn on left pavement and then again turn right. So I proposed her, I can help and I took one pushchair. It's easier to go with only one pushchair ;) She told me, she has now two babies only for a while, she goes on playground and will wait for mom. Our road together was short, but it has a few turning, which could be a little problem to one woman with two pushchair. It has been long since I rode pushcair, it was almost like new experience ;d but i think I managed it well :)
2016-10-31 @ 18:22:34
Yesterday night I was coming back from work, very tired and sleepy. I saw young people wearing black clothes and partying. It was sad, but I've met girl vomiting near to her friend and two boys dragged another boy, rolling drunk. A dozen or so meters further, girls, I suppose on the first year study, went laughing and carrying beers. I observed one girl with freckles I guess. Another dozen or so meters further on the pavement lied smartfon in case, with ID and stuff. I picked it up, looked at the picture on ID and recognised the girl with freckles. I was thinking I probably couldn't call to somebody, but it successfully unblocked! I started going back hoping meet this girl again. First calling has no reply. I thaught I has a problem. But fortunately in the second call some girl answered and then I could talk with proper girl. We have met and I gave back her smartfon. I saw she was very grateful, despite she could only say 'Thank you' - a few times. I wished her having fun and went on home. I'm glad I brought back her smartfon, if I'm not, she would be in trouble. I hope later she watched out.

Regards! ^^
2012-06-21 @ 20:13:52
Last week I went on a walk and behind blocks of flats I saw kids, near me. I didn't care about them, I just went along. But suddenly the girl, who ran, stumbled and fell down. I was close, so I even didn't think, I just came to her fast, put her up (I think she was in age 7-8), checked her small injuries, asked, if it's all right. She cried a little, and felt pain on her hand and knee, but I assured her, that's nothing, only little pain and nothing will be wrong with her. I tell her to go to home, to her Mom, who will clean her injuries and it will be ok.
In this while I felt important, needed and useful. :) I'm happy and proud, that I was able to do something, even I know, it's nothing special.
It's just my own, little victory. :)
I recommend this feeling xD
2011-04-26 @ 11:49:55
Yesterday I was on trip with mother, brother and his friend Majka. First we went to Rapa, to saw pyramid-tomb. It isn't like pyramids in Egypt, but it's nice too ;] Then we went on Piękna Góra, on bridge in Kjepojcie and finally we visited our family. It was long trip, but we felt good and atmosphere was nice. I can recommend visit in Rapa, this tomb is interesting and worth to see.

Right About Now
The Funk Soul Brother, Check It Out Now
The Funk Soul Brother
Pendulum - Tarantula
2011-03-26 @ 18:21:40
On Monday I was on truancy. Did you play truant too?
And on Tuesday I was with schoolmates on a walk. It was great, we had fun and sun shining beautiful.
I watched film 'Inception'. It's awesome!
Do you know this song? I like it:
The tarantula
Time for the massive come sing ya,
Blad tarantula,
Don't play with my style I might sting ya,
Blad tarantula,
You want me inject me bacteria,
And if ya body goin' stiff,
And your spine goin' numb,
Now come fi get some
2011-03-04 @ 21:48:18
I don't know, if it was good idea to start writing this blog.. I'm stupid. I was trying write this, even I knew, that I don't have anything to say :(
Perhaps, this week was very long for me. And yesterday I felt sick, but today was everything okay. I read an interesting book: "Krystyna, corka Lavransa". It's about women and her problems. This story was writing about 600 years ago, and for me it is good book.
Enough. I hope write something with sense nearly.


'W moim sercu mieszka ciern
I ty dobrze o tym wiesz
Nie, nie, nie, nie zlamiesz wiecej mnie!'

Hi everyone!
2011-02-20 @ 10:03:14
Two week ago I started going to boxing training. Does someone of You doing this sport? Now I can do only 'garda', left and right straight and of course walking, but I'm so glad because of it. ;) Not good I do 'fight with shadow', but I hope I'll be good at it in near future ;D

Do You watched film "Requiem for a dream"? It's crazy, I like it :)

Are You play on some music instrument? I play on flute. And now, when two years ago I finished music school, I thing this instrument is stupid and I don't want play on it any more. :/ What are You thing about it?
Do it yourself.
2011-02-06 @ 12:40:35
My winter holiday are finished :( Today at 6pm I going to dormitory. Geez! I don't want come back to school! It's terrible, next free days going to be in April! It's too much work days.
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