Calvin Klein show! It must be good.
2011-02-17 @ 19:24:21
At last, I have some free time. Exactly I come back at hotel. It was hard day as other days.
I am so tireeeeeeeed and I am so hungry, who would like to make a supper for me? pleaseeeeee!
I met some interesting people, a lot of other models, designer etc. It doesn't matter that I am tired right now because I love it! My life is like an adventure and action. The world models is my experience, love it!
Now I want sleep,sleep,sleep! I am talking with my sister, on skype of course. I miss my sister!
Tomorrow I am flying to Italia. I don't want to jinx, but I will be on Calvin Klein show! I am so excited. Finger crossed!
lots of love, bye <3
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