Hi guys!
2011-02-26 @ 17:02:24
I am so depressed.. It's over my winter holiday, chlip chlip ;( I am so bored and tired but I have to learn.. it's funny because now I am writting in English but at the same time I am learning German, I must snap out of it!!! It'll be very hard, but I'll make it, I think. So.. come on learning German.

Hi ;) I'm back :) Take care!
Hi, I understand your depression very well.. :)
I learn German too but it's more difficult for me. How long do you learn German? ;)
Honey, look on the bright side of life - with every day it's closer to summer holiday! My mountains were very nice and tomorrow I'm going to white school skiing :) And than I have thousand of tests and my competition... I think my mood will be the same as yours :P I have to pack my things and prepare everything for tomorrow so I have to go :) Kisses and don't be sad - "always look on the bright side of life" :)
My winter holiday ended two weeks ago so I understand your sorrow. And what about german language, it's very difficult one.
yes, I agree with you in 100 per cent!
I don't like school but I love some people in it ;))

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