Recipe for being happy!
2011-05-02 @ 23:31:45
Hi! wow.. I have not been here for long time. How is your life? Well.. summer is comming!!
Have you got a recipe for being happy? I have some tips for happiness, so:
1) Don't worry if things go wrong.
2)Remember! Money and fame do not make us happy.
3)Enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life.
4)Help people who are less fortunate.
And what? What do you think about happines? What is your recipe for being happy? Write me!
pure morning!
2011-03-13 @ 11:49:30
ughh I haven't been here since long time ago:)
It's spring! There is sunny. Today I have to learn and learn and learn, but first I am going to go for a walk. It's spring so now we are waiting for.. SUMMER! <3 okay.. firstly duties, after fun!:)
kisses everyone!
Hi guys!
2011-02-26 @ 17:02:24
I am so depressed.. It's over my winter holiday, chlip chlip ;( I am so bored and tired but I have to learn.. it's funny because now I am writting in English but at the same time I am learning German, I must snap out of it!!! It'll be very hard, but I'll make it, I think. So.. come on learning German.
Hi everyone!
2011-02-20 @ 10:15:41
Tomorrow I came back home, I am so happy!;) It was great time abroad. In fact it was work, work, and work all time, anyway I am so exicted that I was there. It is amazing experience, a lot of famous people, head light and we - beuatiful models. I can't wait until July! I want be there now <3
Tomorrow when I came back, I went to the party with my friends. We celebrated my success and homecoming of course. I had a good time with them, I love them!<3 I came back home so late and now I am a little bit sleepy. Now I am drinking tasty tea, as usual haha (;
It's the end of our one week winter holidays, how did your break pass?
2011-02-18 @ 18:23:31
omg, so exicted! Can't believe! I wrote about Calvin Klein show, yeaah. It's so imposible but in July I am going on Calvin Klein show, do you beilieve it? because I don't. At last I have some free time, today I am relaxing and listening music, it's routine haha (;
Tomorrow I come back at home, amaaaazing! I miss my bed so much, and my family of course. When I will be in Poland, I am going to go to theatre,really:>
Calvin Klein show! It must be good.
2011-02-17 @ 19:24:21
At last, I have some free time. Exactly I come back at hotel. It was hard day as other days.
I am so tireeeeeeeed and I am so hungry, who would like to make a supper for me? pleaseeeeee!
I met some interesting people, a lot of other models, designer etc. It doesn't matter that I am tired right now because I love it! My life is like an adventure and action. The world models is my experience, love it!
Now I want sleep,sleep,sleep! I am talking with my sister, on skype of course. I miss my sister!
Tomorrow I am flying to Italia. I don't want to jinx, but I will be on Calvin Klein show! I am so excited. Finger crossed!
lots of love, bye <3
Paris, Paris, Paris! I love it so much<3
2011-02-16 @ 19:15:29
Done! omg, such a long day! Now I am in Paris, ughhh It's fantastic place!
i am a little bit tired. I had some castings today, I hope that everything will be good. Certainly, my friend finger crossed (;
Now I am relaxing.. I am drinking fruity tea od listening to music of course. I have to go to bed early today because tomorrow I have castings again. my mum gonna be there with me, I am so happy ahh!:)
How's your life darlings?:*
2011-02-15 @ 20:01:57
ohhhh I am so so so bored! It doesn't matter that it is winter holiday now.. I have so much work.
Tomorrow about 6 a.m. I am flying to Paris, so I am packing now. I have seven casting for tomorrow wrrr it's gonna be a long trip! I am a little bit sleeply
and done for today!
Good night for everybody! sweet dreams:)
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