Day with phrasal verb...
2012-11-10 @ 16:23:03
So today I'm learning phrasal verbs.
Their meaning and their constructions. So...

Act up....
My best friend Sylwia is very annoying. To weeks ago we were in shop and she acted up when she was looking for new clothes. She shouted for shop assistants, cried and griped. Uhhh that was the terrible day. I want forget about this.

Ache for...

Ouuu it's so hot. Please do sth for me. I'm really aching for chocolate ice creams. Could you buy it for me? Please.

Back down/ Back off..

French is so difficult languages. I don't belive that I pass school-leaving exam. I want to back down. And change french to italian. You know that I'm the best on italian in all group.

Call back..

I really don't want to call her back. She is unkind and bored. I don't know why she was calling to me. It's weird.

Call down..

Mum I did sth wrong and my headmasterss called me back. Do you forgive me?

Deal with...

I should deal with it to Monday. And after Mondaay I will be free!!


My first day.
2012-11-10 @ 14:03:06
Hello ! I'm Ewelina. In this year I wanna pass matura , so I must work very hard. Becouse I never real learn English. I just pretended that I'm good in this languaage. I don't know english grammar. So I'm sorry for my mistakes.
But I'm now starting my fight with the time. So please, holding your thumbs! :*:*:*

Yesterday I found a beautiful song. I should enclose it.
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