2014-12-14 @ 20:48:17
Post to which I have no idea quite, so I go sleep
I draws
2014-12-14 @ 20:47:22
Draws: D I drew Bear and Cat
2014-12-14 @ 20:45:25
Tomorrow I am going to the cinema.I do not remember the movie title XD
I chew my gums
2014-12-14 @ 20:43:33
Very interesting....
6 post yes
2014-12-14 @ 20:42:16
I was left with 6 more posts to write
2014-12-14 @ 20:39:22
I have a picture of a saint santa claus. captured on a German lesson
2014-12-14 @ 20:37:54
I writes with your friends on fb.
2014-12-14 @ 20:32:20
I dont't like Mondays.
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