I think it's time for a little explanation.
2012-02-02 @ 21:17:33
So I'm 18 year old boy and I'm single so when it comes to the tittle I just feel kind like Dr House I like being alone but that doesn't depress me. I'm not antisocial or something I go to parties meet new people ad so on but I have a strange feeling sometimes well not now but I will explain that.

When I was in middle school my class was almost equally split 16 boys 15 girls and there she was the hottest girl in class and she like me(I have very very low self-esteem and I think I'm ugly so that was weird for me) we talk a lot it was unusual because I was just helping her with her heart problem and almost never tell anything about me so she knew me for 3 years but she didn't knew me at all. Back to topic I liked her to and even confess to her she told me no but in very nice way so we speak a lot and i came home and speak with her via communicator but some times we hadn't speak for 5-6 days I i feel empty confused alone and it pass then we speak again and so on. When we parted on way to high school we stopped talking.

So I like being alone because I don't feel empty when I stop talking to someone and I don't miss conversations. I think it's easier for me but I'm also think that it is strange and weird. Well I think i write this note because i don't have anyone to speak with and that is sad I know.

I will appreciate any opinion form you.
Thanks for reading this stupid note.
2012-02-02 @ 20:59:06


Well it's weird feel to be non-American/British and still write a blog in English.
So English its not my National language so i apologize for any grammar or spell mistakes and possibly bad tenses(thats my weak point;])

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