2010-11-26 @ 23:37:36

It's so nice of you that you are here and read my rubbishy writing! ;)
I'm a very sesnsitive third-year student, who wants sometimes to share her thoughts, feelings or experience with other people.

I invite all of you. Sit comfortably, enjoy delicious tea in your favourite cup and take pleasure in reading notes full of love for this incredible world full of surprises.

Enjoy! ;)

good written, I like it :D
I like you notes, too :D

I went to your profile, because I saw your nick's 'carpe-diem' :D I wrote the same on my profile's title :D funny :)

By the way: what do you study :) ?
Oh, I've just saw that this post was written one year ago... moreover only one, then I guess you won't to look at here more time... what's a pity!

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