2007-01-01 @ 11:15:07
So...There is it...2007...and what?

nothing :)

New forum
2006-12-31 @ 11:12:21
I have just found a nice english forum.


I think it's a new one:) I'm going to visit it really often :)
2006-12-29 @ 15:46:28
I'm ill :( very very very very ill :(
To Gor
2006-12-27 @ 19:38:36
Yes, I DO attend the International School :) but... I shouldn't write about it here :)
My friends
2006-12-27 @ 19:19:11
Today I've learned some new vocabulary. :))))

But I'd like to write about my friends in Britain.

The British have a reputation for being cold and reserved. Some people even think that they're always talking about the weather. Actually most of my British friends are very outgoing, and they don't like talking about the weather at all!!!

I hate stereotypes!!!
First post
2006-12-27 @ 12:49:48
It's my first post. My English is not good enough to write the whole blog in English, but I will try.

My name is Kamila, but on the Internet I use my nickname- Camantie. I'm 12 and I live in Szczecin. I've been learning English for 2 years only, but I can already write some simple sentences. It's not so easy to come up with some nice topic to write about, especially if we are to write it in a foreign language. So…I will write something next time ;)
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