No nothing.
2013-06-02 @ 23:39:30
So.. hi. I did it again. I am so sorry. But I know, I will do it more and more. It doesn't depend on me... okay, it does.
What should I write? I have no idea. My life goes on. Over and over. There're some important things.. it will be good for you to know about.. but in the other hand I don't think that the things in my head.. all the memories.. I don't know if they're nice and pleasurable.
I'm in love, I'm loved.. that's weird. I feel terrible. Like I was a lier and nobody could judge me. 'Cause The Nobody loves me. But in the same time I have the same thoughts about the person I'm in love with. And I know, I shouldn't. There's a relation between us. I feel like I'm killing this love. If I can call it 'love'..
Next thing. That's easy. Watching tv series or films which make me emotional broken and empty inside, reading different book, listening to really fanstastic music.. it's not good for people like me. I realized that I'm different than I was. And all the things I do, they are the only one reason why it happens.
So, maybe it's good time to say that I am not the person I uded to be when I started to write this 'blog'. My life changed and me with it. We are here alive for a reason. And I realized that I lost my reason. I have no point to be living. I have only my Mrs Nobody and I even don't know if I can call her 'mine'.
I am here and enjoying my sadness. Althought I'm happy like I have never been. For one reason. Because of her.
Daily chances.
2013-04-21 @ 16:01:44
Sometimes sitting in own room can be more productive than doing a lot of crazy things with friends. Sometimes it's good enough to listen good music or watch some favourite films. But in my opinion the best thing in living is possibility of having nice people all around. In my life one of them I can call 'the most important ever'.
Over and over.
2013-04-20 @ 16:39:01
It has been such a long time since my last post has been writen. I feel so ashamed 'cause I promised myself that I have to write to feel better and find the exit for my emotions or sth what I can call similary. It makes me depressed when I see I couldn't even do something as easy as writing some post per month. Even if all my problems are gone and I feel much better. All seems to be the same like it was some months ago when everything was so perfect. Now it's much more perfect that I have never could imagine. And it's nice that I decided to start again. Start everything: belief, writing, love. So let me go on. Greetings from life.
The reason to live.
2013-01-07 @ 17:58:40
As you know, you can ask how I am, tell about yourself, give me some advice but I will always think of the one person being mine. That’s so sweet that I can say something like ‘she’s mine.. only mine’. I can’t be angry with her. Not because I’m in love. Not. I just don’t have a reason to be angry. People should be nice. Even if they think it’s hard. That’s a life. If you want each other to be with you for example in the same room so they have to like you and you have to like them. And these are the rules. Deal with it. Enjoy the life like you only want. Bye : *
Sth's changing, lol
2013-01-05 @ 16:09:34
I love her. I love her like I have never loved anybody. It’s amazing I think. I have never felt like that. I have never thought that I could feel the way of exist. I thought I had no feelings inside. But now I know that it wasn’t true. And I feel like I’m full of good thoughts. It’s really funny. Sometimes I think it have no point to be good for us. But I know that we want it to be still the same. And it’s the most beautiful things in it. Fucking beautiful. Good luck in your life. Love. : *
Thoughts of somebody else.
2012-12-30 @ 22:19:33
I have never thought about something like that. I have never thought I could be fall in love. That I could love other girl. It’s a new feeling inside me. I have never felt this way. I have never loved. I don’t know what to do. I’m confused. I don’t know what to tell her. I have no idea what’s good enough to express my emotions. I’m afraid of her reaction. I’m afraid of my heart. I don’t want to be other than normal people. I wanna be the same but I can’t be like I want and I do know it. I do hope I will be happy in my relationship like I’m now. It’s hard to accept by the entourage where I live but it has to be. I only want to know why. I wonder why I haven’t did it before. That’s all I need. Just be happy. Love. Callgirlnophone.
New Year's plans.
2012-12-15 @ 18:53:46
I know that it's to early to make New Year's plans but I know I won't do it later. I don't know what I wanna achieve and what to do my life better and more successful. Sometimes I feel empty inside and I think I should do sth important but on the other hand I know I can't fail the important people who saved me many times. So my plans for New Year: take chances, tell the truth, date someone wrong for me, spend all my cash, get to know someone random, be random too, apologize, tell someone how much they mean to me, tell a jerk what I think, live life as I can, regret nothing. That's all. I hope. I wrote 'tell a jerk what I think'. Now I think that the jerk is the person who I will date, apologize and tell how much he means to me. So my future was being planned, cool. Okay, I know it's long time to the end of the year and it's to ealry to think about 'future' but I did it and I want to share it with you all. So thank you for reading. Stay the same, bye. : *
Hi everyone.
2012-12-11 @ 15:19:50
Hi ;) I have just started to write English posts so it will be nice if you can be forgiving. I hope that opportunity tu have something like that will be the best experience in my life ever. But I just hope. I can't be sure. So I hope you'll like my posts and don't be angry if something goes wrong. I can promise I will try to write regulary. It's important event for me too despite it's not my first blog. None of them have never been good enough so I hope the place where you are will be better.
Okay, I think that's all about this blog. I should introduce myself now. So my name's Martha, I'm seventeen and I'm from Poland. Maybe in the future I'll tell you my city but now it's the end of my introducing.
I will write about all around me, my things, my feelings. Just about my life. You will know after my first serious note. So to next post. Bye : *
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