2014-12-31 @ 17:49:11
I'm at a party
2014-12-30 @ 18:57:34
Skra Bełchatów lost the match with Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle.
rough day
2014-12-29 @ 22:53:58
I woke up today at 12.00 ate breakfast in the room cleaned up to make dinner I helped my sister and I went to the orthodontist, I went back after dark.
2014-12-29 @ 22:50:13
hi, I'm sorry that I added a post yesterday but today I had a fever and I will add two yesterday watched a replay of the match
2014-12-27 @ 18:31:55
Hi, Today after carol comes priest, then I went to my grandmother and priests were there for dinner. As at Grandma's incumbent on the evening. do not go to sleep. Tomorrow the church. Good night.
2014-12-26 @ 21:48:55
Today finally started snowing.
2014-12-25 @ 20:46:52
Advertising bothers me Eweliny Lisowskiej "media expert".
2014-12-24 @ 22:07:34
Merry Christmas!!! :D
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